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Schwertley on the Kinist “Heresy”…

It’s a shame that unchecked zealots like Brian Schwertley exist in the Reformed community – and yet, they’re amongst us.[1]  Back in 2010, Schwertley preached a series of FOUR sermons on the so-called “Kinist” heresy.  Chocked full of arbitrary and … Continue reading

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Spreading the Kinist Message at the Bahnsen Conference

I flew out to California to attend the first ever Greg L. Bahnsen conference – a conference focusing on presuppositional apologetic methodology as well as theonomy and Christian ethics. Dr. Bahnsen’s work has meant so much to me and changed … Continue reading

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An Argument Against Certain Forms of Christian Identity

I have great fellowship with some Christian Identity advocates.  Nevertheless, certain forms of CI teaching are not only false, but harmful to us as racially self-conscious Christians.  Furthermore, the sheer arrogance and vitriolic rhetoric from many in the CI movement, … Continue reading

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Roots of a Christian Romantic Nationalism — Man in Context

“In Him, we live, move, and have our being.” ~ Acts 17:28 Nationalism must have its roots in sound philosophy or else it will never present itself as a viable political option in a post-Christian world.  And if the philosophy … Continue reading

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Dr. Bahnsen on Galatians 3:28

One of the most often misquoted verses of scripture by our alienist friends, is Galatians 3 verse 28: There is neither jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in … Continue reading

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My Response to the Marinov and his Article on Family

The Marinov’s article: My humble reply: Mr. Marinov, you overlook the most significant diagnosis of your friend’s condition, preferring to treat his minor scratches instead of the arrow sticking out of his heart! It’s hard for me to imagine … Continue reading

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Like a Prayer

I’m sure you’ve heard that Madonna performed a half-time show for the Super Bowl.  I think she was the perfect choice. She’s like a prophetess for the new American religion.  She ended the performance with her most serious (and religious) … Continue reading

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Francis Nigel Lee — A Christian Racial-Nationalist

Honest individuals will note that life is hard these days for a Kinist. We’re not allowed to speak our minds in public and our family reunions are rife with suspicion and dramatic confrontations with liberal family-members.  It’s not enough that we have … Continue reading

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The Petty Bourgeois Mentality

Jared Taylor describes the social climate of the Soviet Union: “The very recentness of such terms as “racism” and “racial prejudice” is an indication of how quickly our thinking has changed.  To make a serious moral failing out of concepts … Continue reading

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5 Great Movies for Agrarians / Kinists

I’ve been compiling a mental list of great movies that have an agrarian or kinist minded theme either explicitly or implied.  Instead of doing an individual review for each one, I decided to list five of them here with a … Continue reading

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