The Jaws of Modernity…


Readers, ya’ll know the difference between me dying today and me dying decades from now?

…a few cigars.

“Those things will kill you!” says the boomer…

No, boomer. They’re the only thing keeping me alive. That and my writing “voice” (such that it is). I’ve been too uninspired to develop it. Too discouraged. Too filled with an absolute and utter hatred for this world and the people in it.

That’s the hurculean task of the Christian writer in our modern age: for how to so love the world, we’d send our one and only voice into the depraved atmosphere of afro-sheen and queer-slime, to rescue young white maidens from their enthraldom to negro dragons…?

“But you’re just as evil” says our know-nothing Calvinist friends.

No. I doubt that. God told Abraham He’d spare Sodom for the sake of 50. Abraham (predictably) jewed Him down to 45. In the end, only Lot and his incestuous daughters made it out, but they were righteous enough to warrant a rescue.

And on that note, let Sodom be a lesson for us. Pay close attention, Southern Man, to any group of three strangers you see hiking along the road. Watch for that mysterious trio, for we know the Lord walks among the cities, spying out their wickedness with incarnate eyes. Surely the divine three are hiking around Washington D.C. as I type…

But, my voice:

I’m too damned cynical to be a Chesterton. Too Christian to be a Mencken. I’m not trendy enough to be a Wolfe nor glib enough for a Sobran. Kirk is too abstract for my taste, and Weaver reads like the help menu for a word processor. I hate Twain and yet, given my struggles with the Faith…does my demonic muse have a white mustache? Maybe I’m closer to a C.S. Lewis, but in his darker moments?

Don’t misunderstand me, though…I’m not trying to copy any of these men. There’s no point having a writing voice if it’s the same as some other man’s voice. I can’t be a Lewis. Even if I had his spiritual capacity, I’m from a different time and place.

My task, should I choose to face those slings and arrows (instead of ending it all), is to reach those “gender-queer” “trans” and radical “feminist” government school children surrounding me in my college classroom.

…we’re gunna need a bigger apologetic…

…and a lot more cigars…

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Trapped in the Underground…


Seclusion memes are a particular type of dark-humor. A form of self-deprecating joke, they hint at an implicit psychological ill among Alt. Right millennials. Our modern world is increasingly “atomized” leading young people away from real-life interactions and towards the false comfort of online “social networks”. Technology is allowing the real-world outworking of existentialist philosophy – we are increasingly able to think of ourselves as abstracted, person-less, identities, without connection to community, race, sex, or even our unique foibles. A person can easily disguise his warts when he’s only a series of words on someone else’s computer screen.

Moreover, Alt. Right youths (whites who are racially self-conscious) are alienated in two additional ways. For one, they are forced to suffer through the economy handed them by their baby-boomer parents.

“You’re so smart Billy. So gifted. You’ll go to college and get a great job and a big, two-story, house of your own, with a beautiful wife and children!”

So they say as they send us off into government schools populated by feral negros and MS-13 gang members. It’s like the naive boomer father who fondly remembers coon-skin caps and stamp collections. He sends his son to Somalia to face AK-47-wielding child-soldiers with the advice to “punch bullies in the nose, by golly!”

If the boy survives with an ounce of Christian honor, he’ll have to face survival in a world where white-people’s wealth is being actively re-distributed to non-whites. No wonder more millennials still live at home than any other generation before them. There is no “American Dream” for them.

But they’re also alienated by their racial loyalty. Holding such opinions in modern America makes one an instant pariah and demands secret identities and hidden passions.

Rank depression and hopelessness, then, plague the Alt. Right.

At first, this was counter-balanced by a strong positive message: “You are not alone, white man!” The Alt. Right was characterized by the camaraderie of shared suffering and shared angst. Inside jokes abounded. A sub-culture was laid out, dry, and ready for the spark to light the brush fire.

But 2018 has shown the fire has limits and, in their frustration, everyone has turned on each other. Exclusive cliques and groups began forming. The average white boy is, again, left in the cold; alienated. Basic, human, longings, like the longing to connect with other souls, are hopelessly out of reach.

Dostoyevsky’s writings on this point have never been more apt. His “notes from the underground” document a man’s struggle to find genuine emotional connection with another human soul (even if that soul is a prostitute).

Love, is his answer, though it seems a little cliche’ to say it so bluntly.

God’s children – Christendom at large – have been taught to hate each other. White girls are implicitly suspicious of white males, especially white southern Christian males. They’re implicitly afraid of and repulsed by the very men they’re put on this Earth to please and be a joy to. And white men, especially in the Alt. Right, have very hard emotions towards white women, in retaliation (rightly so, in many cases). How to entrust your entire future to a woman who is very-likely wayward and willing to “trade-up” at a moments notice?

This modern situation of ours requires a different sort of Christian apologetic than has been traditionally offered. It’s not an intellectual problem with our sacred Faith these children have. It’s an intellectual problem with the world-at-large and a hatred of themselves and of each other. Our race has collectively taken its eyes off Christ and, as a result, like Peter, we’ve sunk into the depths of existential despair.

We’re metaphorically locked in our mom’s basement, unable to emerge and become the men we are destined to be.

…but Christ reached into the water and grabbed Peter’s hand…

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Unite the Right: Take 2…


Before, and during, my blogging hiatus, the Alternative Right almost completely disintegrated. While much post-disintegration commentary blames the “Unite the Right” rally of 2017, the truth is, the falling apart happened, almost out of the blue, in 2018. Almost every major voice for the Alt. Right was silenced (in one way, or another), within the span of a few short weeks.

Call me crazy for this readers, call me paranoid and delusional, but I believe the CIA or the FBI had something to do with this sudden and immediate collapse. It’s long been assumed that the CIA is actively interested in potentially disruptive domestic trends (Rothbard famously claimed Buckley and the National Review as one such instance of CIA domestic meddling). So while I have no proof of it – other than vague suspicions about the activity of some Alt. Right “elites” – the timing and coincidences are too much for me to swallow as mere organic fracturing.

First, there was this major falling out between the Trad Worker guys and the Daily Stormer, as well as the Andrew Anglin faction. For about a week, a fierce battle waged in the TRS forums. Unfortunately, right in the middle of this melee, the whole Trad-Worker scandal hit the wire (with Heimbach being caught in adultery, resulting in a violent confrontation with Parrott, and a subsequent arrest). This decisively slammed the book on Trad Worker, which immediately disbanded.

Then, Anglin and the Daily Stormer came under intense fire concerning their “about-face” move away from white supremacy to “America First” type nationalism, as well as scrutiny of their honesty and motives (especially concerning “Weev”, a likely jewish infiltrator). The entire organization lost a lot of steam and credibility in the eyes of many.

The TRS crowd as well as Richard Spencer, came under attack from a vicious post-Charlottesville law-suit that has effectively knocked Spencer out of the game (at least for now), while he regroups and tries to figure out a way to finance and survive the suit. Mike Enoch is dealing with the same suit and while TRS is still functioning, they’ve put up a pay wall and closed themselves off.

After this all happened, there was a huge controversy in the Alt. Right youtube community involved youtuber Baked Alaska, who went off the rails in a rant and subsequently bowed out of the scene, effectively shifting all the resulting youtube commentary to the left.

The League of the South had to bow out of Charlottesville and have been quiet (in terms of activism) ever since, and Identity Europa (as far as I know) are dealing with the Charlottesville lawsuit as well, but they are squabbling with Spencer and the factions refuse (for whatever reasons) to work together.

With one ax blow, the Alt. Right shattered, whether it happened as the natural course of events, or whether it was orchestrated. White people, especially today, cannot seem to unite over lack-luster atheist / secular talking points. And really, what’s the point of uniting and surviving, if we only survive as a soulless and irreligious national socialist state (of some sort)?

Honestly, I’d rather die in a last battle, than live in some blasphemous society of people with the same statistically-relevant-genetic-trends as me.

Well, Jason Kessler, mired in legal battles to this day, himself, is organizing a “Unite the Right Rally” part II. Only, this time, it will be in Washington DC and there is plenty of communication between the organizers and the police. We’re assured that all will go smoothly, we hope.

…and yet, what have we learned from the first rally? We learned that the “right” is not going to be “united”; we learned that “white-civil-rights” is a joke…we have more chance on the battle-field than in the courts.

Utilizing the democratic process is never going to work. We’re far beyond that. Only God can save the white race now, but there’s no one the white race (as a whole) hates more than the Christian God.

…still, what if all of us Christians who still care for old Europe…what if we got together for a week of fasting and prayer? I’m sure there are at least a few thousand of us left.

Would God ignore such a gesture? Would He not move Heaven and Earth if His children collectively cried out to Him in that way?

I think He would.

So, why don’t we do it?

I wait to hear my readers’ excuses…

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For He Puts Out Fires

~ He went to a fire one night, I’m told (for he puts out fires).
He lit a stick of dynamite.
It blew ‘ol Johnny right out of sight.
But wherever he went, he’ll be alright,
for he puts out fires. ~

I have shameful memory from childhood. My impish friends and I were the cool clique and little Johnny, owing to his being one or two years younger than us, was excluded. I didn’t just exclude Johnny, I despised him. Despised his weakness and fear of the world.

Once, while on a church trip, we had to cross a drawbridge. A boat was coming and my mom (driving the station-wagon we were in), joked that it didn’t look like we were going to make it. The bridge was opening and we were going to have to jump the gap. This thrilled my friends and I, who cheered my mom to speed up…which she did, of course. Johnny, though, was in the back howling with fear. The prospect terrified him…that wretched little coward…

Worse, Johnny couldn’t run fast. He was always the object of scorn in our after-church freeze-tag battles. What a useless little cry-baby. He didn’t even know about Chuck Norris!

Fast forward to the present, a few decades later. I’m lollygagging down main street, oblivious to the world, when the air-horn of a full-sized fire-truck blared directly behind me. I caught a glimpse of flashing lights and almost soiled myself. I swerved and he swerved; we missed each other and the incident was over. As I was pulling back onto the road, I saw that it was good ol’ Johnny manning the wheel. He had become a fireman.

Moreover, later, when I was at the local Dairy Queen (a small-town staple), I saw Johnny across the street at the fire station. He was someone of importance because other firemen were standing around him, listening to what he had to say. He had his arm around a beautiful woman and there were two children at his knee. They were all laughing, involved in some pleasant conversation.

He had made it in life. Guys like Johnny are firemen the way turtles are turtles. They don’t question it. They just do what they do and enjoy it. They don’t get caught in mires of existential confusion. Sure, turtles may sometimes wonder what it’d be like to be an eagle or a wolf, but those are passing fancies. They’re a part of their place without being conscious of “place”; they have what they need and enjoy their lives accordingly. (They have their ups and downs like anyone, of course. Life isn’t always easy. But they’re comfortable with their lot). Johnny’s not just a fireman by occupation. He *is* a fireman.

As I watched him enjoying his lot, I couldn’t help but admire him and thank God for how blessed he had become.

I envy him.

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Ratty in Real Life…


As some of you know, I’m a fan of CWNY.

The author commonly uses Ratty from “Wind in the Willows” as a metaphor. Ratty loved his river the way CWNY loves Old Europe. This resonated with me, particularly, because, like Ratty, I grew up on a river and in it. Everything I’ve ever wanted was in my water-front hometown and what my hometown didn’t provide, wasn’t worth having (except a wife, apparently… ho, hum on that score…I’m still hoping the river churns something out).

In lieu of blogging as an outlet for my chivalrous angst, I’ve been going down to the river and philosophizing while staring at the scenery. For the past few weeks, while occupied as described, I’ve seen a rat crawl nosing out of the water and go nibbling around the shore. He’s territorial and stays within a 20ft. radius of his nest.

So here, for your viewing pleasure, is the real life Ratty! He exists!

(I’ve begun tossing him scraps when I have any).


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Sanctimonious Nudes…


I am a man with old European sensibilities, trapped in a radically Satanic world. In the face of this “dark wing” (as Lewis called it), I’m often left without words. And yet, I have a need to rage against the dying of the light. Maybe I can chronicle the life of a struggling and fallible man; an unreconstructed southerner, keeping to the shadows of a once great civilization…

Case in point, I’m currently taking an art appreciation class.

The teacher is a well meaning but scatterbrained 60’s cat-lady. I like her. She naively believes in liberalism and knows enough about art to know she’s supposed to love and respect Western cultural expression. She’s hopelessly unable to appreciate it though; ironic given the course agenda. Without a deep love of Christ, old European art, even that created by those renaissance rascals, is unintelligible.

She gave us a slide show which featured Michelangelo’s “David”, in all his naked glory. The camera slowly panned across his intimates as my mouth-breathing classmates sat by in silence, like good little government-schooled critics. The room was thick with tension. Like the teacher, they knew they were being shown “art” but had no concept of why it was art. They like “David” for the same reason they like Jane Austen or Charles Dickens…not because they have any notion of the glory of the works, but because they’ve been told they’re supposed to.

“Any questions…?” asked the teacher.

I had enough of the devil in me to raise my hand and ask if we were going to address the “full-frontal elephant in the room.” This got quite a chuckle, combined with an exasperated look from the teacher, who informed me (in reply) of the high nude tradition in art and how I ought to accept it whether I wanted to or not.

This prompted three-hundred-pound front-row Shaneesha (my intellectual equal) to declare that if the nude was female, she bet they wouldn’t be no problem wit’ it…said as she turned to face me with a head-bob and an “mmmHmmm” (finger snap), you-go-gurl!

I wasn’t objecting to the nudity, per se. It’s the ignorant and presumptuous acceptance of it by the audience. They had no idea why David was nude. They knew they had no idea why David was nude. And yet, they thought themselves superior to me, the backwoods bumpkin, because they knew how to act like good little art critics.

Explain to me *why* David is nude! Help me *appreciate* the nude tradition in art!

I have no doubt Michelangelo was a deeply Christian man. He couldn’t have painted the Sistine Chapel otherwise. So why would a Christian man produce something so flagrant and vulgar?

After speaking with friends of mine (who actually know how and why to appreciate good Christian art) multiple suggestions were brought to my attention. How better to exemplify the redeemed purity of a Christian than by returning him to the shameless, innocent, nudity of Eden? This “heroic nude” concept was common in Greece and Rome and it was in keeping with the spirit of the renaissance to resurrect such practices; combined with popular neo-platonic thought, where the material world is to be dutifully “whisked off” like so much Hanes into a laundry bin, I begin to get the point.

I don’t think I’ll ever like it, but my Christian friends (unreconstructed Christians living in their own modern hells), helped me to appreciate it.

,,,snap, snap, head bob…


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Land of My High Endeavor…

~ There where the hills are sleeping, now feel the blood a-leaping, high as the spirits of the old highland men… ~

I am *back* my friends!

For reasons beyond my control I decided to tuck tail and un-publish Shotgun Barrel Straight. For the first time in its history, I allowed this blog to be silent. It grated against every nerve I still possess, and yet I allowed it. Why? For what?

For nothing, in the end…

We…we last few of the Europeans with still-beating-hearts…we gain nothing by compromising with our enemy. We gain nothing by departing from our land of high endeavor. Henceforth, my feet will be firmly planted in Old Europe.

While I understand the need for anonymity and stealth, especially in our Satanic age, I’ve decided to live as my Christian forebears lived. If it lands me in the coliseum, so be it. To the pit! And God help the lions…

With the Spirit of my sovereign, I am mighty for the tackling of many foes. The pipes are in my blood!

I’ll face 100 men for my God!


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2018 Barrel Straight…

Let’s not beat around the bush readers; I almost lost my faith in 2017. Somewhere at the start of it, I came to the conclusion that God was a modernist author instead of a writer of fairy tales. By that, I mean, He creates characters then lets them run roughshod throughout the world, without rhyme, reason, or a controlling narrative. There is an infinite number of character perspectives. Whatever they do, they do. If they do evil, that’s on them. They’ll be judged for it in the distant, irrelevant future. I was absolutely furious at Him for this.

“Oh! Our Calvinist has finally seen the light of free will!”

Not so fast. The cynical “God as modernist author” bit works on multiple theological platforms. In fact, if you question a Calvinist in a round-about way, he’ll offer you something like I’ve described above. Oh, no Calvinist is intellectually honest enough to admit it directly, but try complaining about the way your life has turned out. You’ll be told, quickly, that it’s all your fault for not making the savvy choices. From the pulpit, however, we’re lead to believe God has the whole world in His hand, and our choices, even the tragic ones, are all planned. We have a wonderful destiny and God is “growing” us towards some beautiful future ideal. Well, dammit, which one is it? You can’t have it both ways.

And to the free-willers…don’t be so quick to revel in this libertarian, non-ordained, chaotic “freedom”. It’s tragic, if you think about it. If God really is the sort of modernist author I’ve described then your life has no purpose. There is literally no reason for you, individually, to exist. You just popped onto the scene as a result of the chaotic mish-mash of psychological and social patterns that brought your parents together. Maybe God knit a chromosome here, or plucked a gene there, but He didn’t create you with any destiny or purpose. That, you have to find on your own; and creating arbitrary meaning is a suicidal game.


Throughout this struggle, I realized that no matter how angry I became, no matter how cynical towards providence, I simply could not shake this deep down, naive, trust that Christ would not abandon me. I’d become furious at myself for this deep inability to follow the fury of reason. By all rational sense, God had abandoned me. Theologically, philosophically, empirically…He’d checked out. But I couldn’t stop trusting that this was all some test-period, or a “season”. Lewis and MacDonald both talk about such a season. In “Screwtape Letters” for example, Lewis has Screwtape’s uncle lecture him about the danger of this season. If a Christian carries on, doing what God commands, even when he has no rational reason for doing so, demons had better watch out.

So this leads me to the great decision I’ve made for 2018.

I’ve decided that, no matter what it looks like at the moment, I simply cannot believe God is a modernist author. I have a pathological inability to stop believing in fairy tales. I’ve tried. I’ve become very angry at myself for not being able to stop believing.

I don’t know how, readers, but in 2018, I will figure out a way forward. I will figure out a way to reconcile God’s apparent lack-of-concern and His inaction, with the idea that He is still with us, and that He did create us for a purpose.

Life, without fairy tales, is not worth living.

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New Immigration Paradigm

In a recent video, Richard Spencer outlines potential outcomes of the Trump administration’s push for immigration reform. Will Trump give up and sell out white America? Will he reach some less-than-desirable compromise? That last, according to Spencer, is most likely. He notes that if the worst happens and no agreement is reached, the possibility for politically-respectable reform in America is doomed. In that case, he says, the Alt. Right will have to lead the way in figuring out some “new immigration paradigm”. He gives no hint of what that would look like. Given the Alt. Right’s eclecticism and inability to form a consensus about strategy, I’m not holding my breath for their miracle cure.

I have my own suggestion; and, before anyone stops reading, thinking I’m a self-important prig who wants to implement a maverick plan, know that what I’m about to suggest is, in my opinion, a Christian approach, based on previously conceived economic and political models. My contribution here, if I’m contributing anything at all, is in seeing how these seemingly-unrelated modes of thought, are applicable to the current “immigration” crisis. I read wide and deep and believe there are materials available not commonly understood or known about in the Alt. Right milieu. Those who know me or follow my Facebook rants wont be surprised to hear me, once again, harping on the old “counter-economics” and “grey market” approach. I’ve begun referring to a Christian amalgamation of these ideas as: “microseccesion”

The first thing to understand about a Christian approach to political theory, including economics and practical strategy, is that, as integral Christians, we’re most concerned with persons. This attitude opposes the attitude of modernists who are most concerned with abstract, impersonal, political machines and vehicles (like states). Man’s mind is *not* the measure of all things. When the modernists – even those in the Alt. Right – approach the world in that way, they run rough-shod over individual human dignity, oftentimes, using rhetoric claiming to champion that very dignity. But man is not meant to be a cog in some rationalist machine. Rather, we’re meant to exist in communion with the living God, whom we know through the human connections we have with our family, community, and race.

There’s a workable, cheap, and “do-able” way to apply this to the immigration crisis. And Spencer’s right – implementing it will require a huge paradigm shift. Namely: we must give up the modernist notion of a “state” – that is: give up the notion of an impersonal, bureaucratic, machine which ostensibly obeys its constitutional “programming” (programmed by the oh-so-wise socialists and political theoreticians). We simply do not have the logistical ability to topple the current state machine nor could we re-institute one of our own even if we had the chance. To do so would require major military action, billions of dollars, support from hundreds of thousands of dedicated people, and who knows what all else. And yet, time and again, Alt. Righters beat their fists bloody against the impenetrable wall of statism.

But imagine, for a minute, what would happen if we gave up trying to build a new nation-state machine. Imagine if we shifted from being political nationalists to being romantic nationalists. Imagine if we begin thinking of ourselves as “aliens in this world” and considered our relationship to family and extended tribe and race, as more important that military control of a geographic area. If we made this mental shift, we could, overnight, begin associating with each other in ways that are, at present, still legal, but would help build group cohesion.

See, there are two main problems with “immigration”. The first is the problem of geographical proximity. Who really wants to live near a bunch of savages who have rapine and pillage on their minds? Crime rates soar and believe me (speaking as someone who had to suffer through government education), when a man is terrified on a daily basis, he cannot achieve his full potential, be it physical, spiritual, or what have you. Being geographically close to these pillage-minded peoples, leads to a dramatic decrease in the quality of life and value of white cultural expression.

The second problem is state-ordained economic pillage. When we invest in the US dollar (that is: when the majority of our wealth is in some form of the dollar-denomination), the government takes that, whether directly through taxation, or indirectly through inflationary spending, and gives it to the immigrants (and other hostile, pillage-minded minorities). They’re weakening whites while strengthening the invaders.

Instead of trying to topple the state and re-institute our own “ethno-state” in order to combat these two problems, we ought to simply practice a series of grey-market, counter-economic, “microsecessions”. The majority of these microsecessions are, for the time-being, completely legal. While some are costly, others aren’t, but all require dedication and a willingness to live a disciplined life. For example, we need to “secede” from the banking industry by finding alternative vehicles for our wealth that cannot be easily “redistributed” to the pillagers. We could become experts in the tax laws; common loop-holes should be known and talked about in every Alt. Right forum. Further, we secede from government schooling, homeschooling our children. We secede from the degenerate culture by leaving the church and turning off the television.

If we do this while simultaneously building up our own cultural awareness, we could go a long way towards salvaging our wealth from the pillagers while re-circulating it among our own people. And it will all (or, at least, mostly all) be done legally and peacefully, without the need for billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives.

The “geographic proximity” problem is a little more difficult to deal with, although, should this micro-seccession idea take hold, people will naturally begin migrating to white enclaves. Nevertheless, moving one’s entire family to a new area is difficult and time-consuming. Also, given current immigration insanity, this will only be a temporary, “rear-guard” solution.

Ok, maybe – but consider that the geographic proximity problem is *never* going to go away unless we slaughter all non-whites and have the Earth to ourselves. There will always be non-whites, lustfully eye-balling our property and our women. So really, how far away must they be in order to say we’ve “successfully fixed the geographic proximity problem”? Some Alt. Righters might answer this differently, but whatever distance is suggested will simply be arbitrary.

No, in the final analysis, the “geographic proximity” problem can only ever be solved by protective violence. And again, we can do this through decentralized microseccessions, forming our own protective class and defense structures.

Ideally, this would allow us to not only survive, but grow and perhaps even flourish, even while living among the Satanists. And the more we flourish, the more likely it will be, in the future, to find and and establish a safe-haven (or even, re-take Europe).

It all hinges on re-igniting a love for the God who created Europe to begin with and a willingness to do away with the idea that political magic machines and activist alchemy will save us.

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Spencer vs. Sargon Debate…

I slogged through the four-and-a-half-hour cringe fest that was the Spencer / Sargon “debate”. Yelling, profanity, talking-over each other, arbitrary assertions left and right, was it really worth my time? Marginally so, maybe.

Popular youtube commentator Sargon of Akkad championed an ill-defined notion of British liberalism over and against Richard Spencer’s ethno-state talking-points. Other (relatively unknown) commentators struggled to get a word in. The youtube giant Stefan Molyneux jumped in about half way through, plying his paleo-libertarianism on Spencer’s behalf. The hodgepodge that emerged was a slightly interesting examination of how work-a-day Alt. Right talking-points hold up under scrutiny from right-leaning liberals. An attack on statist pagans from the neighborhood of liberal pagans, as it were. None of the parties were professing Christians (even if they’d claim to be in private). All were either government-schooled materialists, or seeped in the worldview of government-schooled materialism.

Marginally helpful, though, says I…

The main area of contention was Sargon’s argument that “white” is an unintelligible category – or, as he later clarified, it may be a common enough category, but for an ethno-state to maintain its boundaries, it would have to enforce a more rigorous standard than is popularly understood by the man-on-the-street when it comes to racial identification. Hypothetically, the ethno-state would have to violate typically-liberal rights of individuals in order to impose an iron-fisted cultural hegemony.

Spencer responded with lots of hand-waiving and flagrant shows of audacity. When he did respond, it was with something like a tu quoque rejoinder, noting that liberal societies also enforce some sort of cultural hegemony through force.

From a Christian perspective, this entire debate highlights the weakness of government-schooled racialism. On a materialist perspective, race is simply a matter of genetics (never mind the savage counter-examples). So both Spencer and the wider Alt. Right, have a serious problem when it comes to “whiteness”…white identity is inherently unintelligible to them, in the same way love, virtue, or beauty will be unintelligible until they formally recognize the personal, spiritual, source of it all.

Spencer wants to re-build Christendom – that is: have some sort of contractual confederacy of all the “white” ethnic groups (be that an iron-fisted compulsory empire, a federal system akin to the E.U., or some other type of unifying political impetus) – without Christ.

I don’t want to keep harping on this, but it goes back to the disagreement I had with Spencer months ago when we were both guests on the “Rebel Yell” podcast. Spencer wants an “empire of Iron” – something that will forge all the white identity groups together – where as, I’d like a return to Christendom, an “empire of the heart”, as it were. After all, without allusion to Christendom, with its shared sense of aesthetics, shared allegiance to Christ, shared morals, and shared sense of history (we are the sons of Japeth!), you don’t have “whiteness”.

Belloc was wrong about a lot of things, but his pithy saying: The Faith is Europe and Europe is the Faith…must be ever present in our minds when we think of ourselves as “white”.

I’m a white man because I’m a part of the standard-bearing people, and we’re tripping, struggling, and crawling our way to Zion.

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