Heimbach the Yankee?


I joke on Heimbach about being a Yankee and he always corrects me by noting that he’s from a region on the upper crust of old Dixie. Nevertheless, his region was culturally dominated by what Colin Woodard calls the “Midlanders” and Heimbach himself is of Midlander ethnicity (Germanic descent). It’s no wonder he has typically Midlander political and religious views.

I’ve been wrestling with that since he published his article “The Confederate Flag is Racist: Get Over It.” I’ve been asking myself if certain political ideals go into shaping a people’s identity. Surely that can’t be true, can it? That would mean there is a propositional aspect to identity, and that goes against what we’ve all been saying for years now. As if a black guy can simply become “white” by declaring he has certain political ideals. Absurd!

But at the same time, there does seem to be a correlation between ethnic group identity and political ideals. Even religious ideals. So, I’ll set aside the deep sociological questions about identity-formation for now and simply suggest that to be Southern, among many other things, means one has a set of typical religious / political views, expressed differently by different Southerners, certainly, but similar at the roots.

…and Heimbach does not share those views. To be fair, neither do most southerners these days. But then again, most southerners educated enough to ask such questions, don’t want to be southern anyway. I would venture to say that all southerners who are educated enough to ask such questions, and who love the South, would share some form of traditionally southern political views. Just look at Abbeville or ISI, or the neo-agrarians. They’re all in a “Southern” political tradition, even if, in my humble opinion, they’ve forsaken the heart of it. They’re still in the spectrum.

But Heimbach, in his article on the Confederate Flag, presents a typical anti-Southern view of the South. One common among Yankees, Midlanders, and left-wing revisionists in general: a bunch of evil “elitist” capitalist plantation owners, exploited poor, put-upon negros, for the sake of greed and gain, thus devastating both the blacks and the poor working class whites in the south.

Contrast this with Abbeville’s Dr. Clyde Wilson:

“Nor was the Old South the backward, poverty-stricken, oligarchical society of hostile polemics, in which not only the slaves but the mass of whites were beyond the pale of civilization. To the contrary, Southern society was dynamic and prosperous. Its agriculture, on both slave plantation and yeoman farm, was more productive and efficient than the Northern. Far from stagnating, the Southern economy expanded at a rate in the late antebellum period that has few equals in history.”

He goes on to say:

Southern per capita income was equal to Northern, just as evenly distributed among whites, and higher than that of most of Europe in even recent times. ~ Defending Dixie pg. 172

Wilson talks about the philosophy of historiography and the proper use of cliometric data in historical interpretation, noting that the majority of modern scholarship about the South is rife with bias (as we’d all expect). Blacks never had it so good in all their history, and poor whites found themselves, nevertheless, part of a noble Christian civilization. Not that it matters particularly, but “wealth” was more evenly distributed in the Old South than it is in some modern European nations. Why Heimbach believes the government school version of Dixie is beyond me, unless, again, it has something to do with his typically Midlander group identity.

It might be something more sinister? I’ve heard tale of revolutionaries who care more for their political ideals than they do for the people they’re ostensibly speaking out for. How many of “the people” were the French Revolutionaries prepared to slaughter in defense of “the people”? Heimbach’s commentary on the South is a Socialist’s commentary. Does he care more for the political ideology of Socialism than he does for the people of the South? Would he rather hold to socialism at the expense of the South? Or will he see the South in the best possible light, even at the expense of socialism?

I know Heimbach and I’m sure if the question were put to him like this he’d easily make the right choice. But this is a subtle and difficult question all modern leaders have to struggle with. And Heimbach is a leader. According to the latest media, he’s the next David Duke. He’s the Little Furhur!

He’ll have to answer it for himself.

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Heritage *and* Hate

To Whom it May Concern,

We’ve never met but I drive by your house everyday on my way to work. I happen to be a proud Southerner and for that reason, your house stands out to me; you’re flying the Confederate battle flag.

Only, this morning, I drove by and noticed the words written on it: “Heritage not hate.”

That got me thinking: when I see old Dixie portrayed on television or in movies, it’s always in a negative light. When I consider the offensive political ideas suggested by non-Southerners or ideas suggested by liberal southerners who may have been born here but have radically anti-Southern values, I start wondering why on Earth I ought *not* hate them?

It amounts to this: they hate our Southern culture and want the last struggling elements of it wiped out. They hate us with all the zeal their puritanical Yankee forefathers could instill in them (and the Yankees were ideological heirs of the French Revolutionary Jacobins who hated old-European Christians). They hate us, period.

The South, according to her greatest apologists, was the last bastion of Christendom, standing large against the forces of atheism, new-age zealotry, and modernist anti-human ideology. The brave, gray-clad soldiers (and the women at home supporting them) were the last Christian knights, fighting the forces of Satania. Santania won and is now trying to wipe out those of us who are left.

Why tell you my opinion about these things? Well, I’m in the habit of saluting Confederate flags or monuments when I drive by them. I salute your neighbors who also fly the flag. But I wanted to explain to you why I’ll no longer be saluting yours.

We need a flag that says heritage *and* hate…because, while I know it’s unpopular in today’s America (where infants are slaughtered in their mothers’ wombs and sexual perverts march openly in the streets), some people, some things, and some ideas deserve to be hated. When someone loves much, there are times he must also hate much. I can’t salute a flag that says otherwise.

Thank you for your time,


Scott Terry,

…a 30-something wanna-be Southern poet / farmer who used to salute your flag as he passed it in the mornings.

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A Kinist’s Take on the James White Scandal


James White is a popular Reformed Baptist who never misses a chance to tell the world how many formal debates he’s had. Listening to him talk, you’d think he’s debated every Muslim in the world at least twice, and all the Roman Catholics thrice. A “professional” peddler of talking points, White makes his living by intellectually bullying women, children, and effeminate ideologues in public. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve benefited from some of his work – his book on the King James Onlyist controversy comes to mind. But he’s not a good writer and because he lacks editorial oversight on Youtube, his videos are little more than long-winded ramblings. But oh how Reformed folk (Baptist or Presbyterian) love the man. He’s the ideal modern Calvinist.

He shares a flaw with all other modernist theologians. He loves an abstracted set of doctrines more than the God of his ancestors. He doesn’t realize the abstracted set of doctrines has changed, though. He’s too naive to realize the sea-change in America’s outpost of Christendom.

To understand this, dear readers, I want you to think of a beautiful old hymn. A cherished hymn, sung by us all in childhood. Now, fast-forward in time fifty or so years, pretend you’re in a super-duper mega-church, surrounded by five hundred dancing brethren, all shouting to an abstracted savior and swaying to the beats of an African rock band. The band is playing the same song you knew from childhood – the same words anyway – but it’s a completely different melody. Really, they’re playing an entirely different song, just using the same old cherished words. The heart of the tune is different, crafted for a different purpose. We’ve all heard dozens of old hymns treated this way; turn on your radio to the local Contemporary Christian music station to hear a sampling.

Reformed Christianity in America has undergone the same transformation and Dr. White is still trying to sing the lyrics to the old, outdated song. All his critics hear this discord and are rightly attacking him for it.

White, you see, posted a simple Facebook post about a black boy he saw on the side of the road. This boy flipped off a passing police vehicle, then threw his drink bottle defiantly into the nearby bushes. James White took offense to this and said the boy was likely influenced by a bad culture and the destruction of the family unit. This is an old enough talking point among conservatives, even conservative blacks, so White didn’t think anything of it.

…until he was attacked by all the vicious PC police in the modern Reformed community. They were appalled that a white man would be presumptuous enough to pass judgment on a poor, misunderstood black boy, who, like Trayvon and all the other cherub-cheaked black children in the US of A, was likely innocent of White’s stereotypes. A white man, it was said, cannot offer commentary on black people because he cannot possibly understand their struggles.

Of course, James White is enough of an anti-white cuckold (he knows enough of the modern Christian song) to realize he stepped wrongly; it’s very likely that, had this unfortunate statement been made by some other theologian, White would join the chorus in attacking the man. But since it’s happening to him, and since he spends most of his time defending himself (instead of defending Christ), he’s lashed out at his critics, demanding that they realize how much of a cuckold he truly is.

“Oh, I’m not racist! In fact, I’m only saying this because I love black people soooo super much! If anyone’s racist, it’s you! My critics! You’re racist for trying to claim black people have a unique and esoteric identity!” ~ Shotgun’s paraphrase of Dr. White’s rhetoric.

All this shows that the modern Reformed movement is clueless about real-world affairs, has no idea how to handle itself in the America of Trump, Trayvon, and Dylann Roof. They’re bumbling children, the lot of them. Without Kinists, these people are doomed to emasculating irrelevancy (John Knox is rolling over in his grave).

On the Kinist view, Dr. White was at least ostensibly right about the boy. If the so-called leaders in the black Reformed community wanted to really be leaders, they’d find the kid (or those like him) and wear his hind-parts out – and afterwards, try catechizing him. They’d realize how destitute the black identity has become, thanks to the jews who run America’s pop-culture, and thanks to the satanic university professors. They’d not only support White’s commentary, but add to it the negro flare for religiosity their people are so good at.

…the leaders in the white Reformed community understand the black boy’s angst against the police vehicle is an outgrowth of his people’s folk narrative, a narrative of hatred for all things antique European. In a way, that police car does represent the law-like customs of old Anglo-Saxon Europe and the black boy’s instincts cry out against it. In fact, he gains standing and respect among his people for openly and brazenly defying that old Christian order.

If White really wants to be an apologist for Christendom, let him start by recognizing outright this hostility and for God’s sake, not prostrating himself before it after doing so.

But he wont, readers. You know it and I know it. If he survives this scandal (and he probably will), he’ll change his tune. The next time you hear James White comment on a racial issue, it’ll be par-for-the-politically-correct-course, and he’ll not deviate one inch. He’ll sing the new song.

Kinists, however, will not.

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The World Through Ashley’s Glass

I’ve written part of a poem called “Ashley’s Glass”; some of you may have read it. I hope to expand it into a children’s story because it tells the whole story of my worldview:

A meteor strikes the beach, roasting the sand and instantly splaying it into the air. As dust flies in all directions, it solidifies into glass and miraculously falls in just such a way that, where there was only a beach before, there now stands a breathtaking crystal palace. A group of children (siblings) find it that morning while playing in the dunes. They’re drawn to the castle, like magic, and devote all their child-like play to it. But one day, evil people come along and, as evil people always do with beautiful castles on beaches, destroy it. The siblings disperse, terribly saddened by their loss, all but Ashley, who lingers, hands full of broken shards, and crying. On into their formative years, the brothers try re-building the castle in their own ways, one through art, the other through politics, the other through poetry, but only Ashley is able to truly remember what it was. Only she yearns for the true castle-that-was. You see, she kept a piece of the glass and when the world around her gets dark or when evil seems to reign, she looks through it and can see all things rightly.

I’m convinced this is how white people need to look at their own history. A miracle hit Europe’s shores and over the years, created something beautiful there. But now it’s all destroyed and only those of us who can look through the lens of the old castle are able to see the world rightly.

This may not seem like an awe-inspiring revelation, but when you’ve studied the “study of history” as I have, or when you’ve been in the trenches with pagan white nationalists, arguing and debating what ought to be done, or when you’ve attended numerous political conferences, filled with confused, directionless folk – you realize none of them remember the castle or care to see it again. Most of them despise the castle and want nothing to do with it.

…but like young Ashley, I’ll hold onto my piece of the glass, hold on even though it cuts me; hold to it for dear life.

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You Might be a Modernist If…


1  If you think the building in the picture is attractive.

2 If you believe in Darwinian evolution and think anyone who doesn’t is intellectually inferior.

3. (On that same note), you might be a modernist if you are in the habit of talking about science as if science were a person: “…but, but, Science says x,y, and z on that subject!” This is often followed by phrases like “what we now know…”; you also may be prone to citing statistics often, regardless of how the statistical data was obtained. That it was obtained and that it supports your ideals is all that matters.

4. If you’re passionate about voting and have a strong, intuitive distaste for anyone who suggests working outside accepted political avenues. Additionally, you’re a modernist if you think state officials must be immediately complied with in all matters.

5. If you constantly refer to those who agree with your ideals by some title: brother, comrade, compatriot, etc. and define your self-identity according to the same ideals, e.g.: “I’m a Fundamentalist Baptist and you are too, brother!” Or, “I’m a Clarkian, transubstantiationist, supralapsarian, Reformed Presbyterian Church in the U.S. congregant!”

6. If, when looking for a spouse, you vet whomever you meet based on how similar their ideological views are to yours. How pretty or smart she is doesn’t matter; what matters is if she agrees with x,y, and z doctrines in the organizational handbook. “Can you affirm what John Calvin says on page 217 of the Institutes? If not, we can’t be together.”

7. If you were government schooled, listened to the radio, and watched television all throughout your formative years.

8. If you’ve ever tried to solve any of the Christian paradoxes using the tools of analytic philosophy (or, if you’ve ever tried to do the same for the secular equivalences of the Christian paradoxes, ie: the one and the many, etc.).

9. If you claim to love nature but never spend any time with her.

and, lastly,

10. You might be a modernist if your favorite time in history, or if your favorite heroes, existed any time after 1900.

As is usually the case ladies and gentlemen, please don’t worry if one, two, or even three of these may apply to you. All of us, after all, had to grow up in a modernist world and there’s no shame in admitting we’ve been affected by it. It doesn’t mean you’re a modernist in spirit. Although, some of you reading this may recognize yourselves and your attitudes herein displayed and proudly accept the title.

“You can’t turn back the clock, Shotgun!”

Ironically, thanks to the modernists, once a year, in the fall, we do exactly that.

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Shotgun vs. a Local Dindu

I’m not one of those in-your-face podcast listeners who like to listen to controversial podcasts in public hoping for off-hand confrontations. Instead, I like to sit peacefully in public parks overlooking beautiful scenes, while smoking a cigar and enlightening myself.

On this spring day, I was doing just that in a beautiful NC park, listening to the episode “Talking Race with Grace” produced by a Kinist couple Adam and Mary. If you haven’t heard their podcast “AMGray“, check it out (I’ve linked to them in my side bar). They’re a husband and wife homeschooling duo with an amazing “white” chemistry who fill their pro-family commentary with what I like to call “family-hip” lingo and humorous anecdotes as only a Godly family can. They’re wonderful role models for Kinists and I hope to mine their material for years to come, especially if some woman loses her mind and decides to marry me. I’ll need a Godly example to look up to since I’m surrounded by pagans.

But should you listen, beware. Apparently their material is more controversial than their disarming accents let on. As I was listening, windows down to enjoy the cool breeze, a young black couple nearby must have overheard some offensive part of the commentary. The young dindu, probably in his early 20’s, stripped off his shirt to appear more intimidating, and strutted over to my car.

“What dat bleepedy bleep raysis bleepedy bleep, you listenin’ to?!” he asked in his thuggish tone.

Readers, have you ever walked through the woods and found a stream in your path? You know, just by studying it, if you can make the jump or not. I knew, in the same way, looking at this puffed up dindu, that I could beat him, without contest. Plus, I had my trusty 9mm tucked ever-so-whitely in the back of my jeans. A smoldering fury rose in my stomach and, adrenaline pumping (while Adam and Mary calmly spoke of raising white families in the background), emerged from my car. I raised to my full height and said:

“…boy, I’m listening to whatever I damned well want to listen to. Is that ok with you?”

“Uh…yeah man, it’s all cool…” he said, and sauntered back the way he came.

So, yes, readers. Check out AMGray with Adam and Mary.

…just be mindful about where you’re listening.

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Shotgun vs. All NC Women


~ All are born Yankees to the race of men, and this too now, the country of the damned. ~ Allen Tate

I didn’t know it but apparently I’m not competent to speak about issues between the sexes unless I get married first. Since issues between the sexes take up a lot of space here at Shotgun Barrel Straight, and since the world is blossoming with new growth all around me and crying out for hopeless love, (and since I’m under intense pressure from my happily-married friends), I decided to try remedying the situation by joining one of those dating websites.

I joined against my better judgment, mind you. Still, I didn’t want to bias the experiment with preconceived cynicism so I went into it with an open mind, intending to take the process seriously. Plus, I thought it’d be interesting to see what sort of women NC is producing lately.

Apparently, a lot of women find me attractive at a glance. Unfortunately, owing to the layout of the website, they’re able to add me to their favorites before reading what I’ve had to say about myself. Once they do, the “likes” start mysteriously disappearing. One by one, “bloop,” and they’re gone. What? All I said was that I love the South, hate modernity, that I’m “ultra-conservative”, and that if a woman boasts about how much she doesn’t need a man then she shouldn’t apply because I don’t need her either.

The majority of them *do* boast about that:

“I’m a proudly independent and career driven woman. I spend most of my time at work, so, I just want someone to have fun with. Oh and I have a nappy-headed mixed child you had better love, or else. Also, I love sports, go UNC!!”

…as if NC men are interested in little dudes with makeup.

We’re not, by the way.

Or are we? Maybe I should say, “I’m not” but that the majority of both men and women in NC have lost their ever-loving minds? This especially applies to any single woman living in the Raleigh metro area. I’m convinced they’re all lunatics.

After a few days of this nonsense, I considered my old, face-to-face-styled agrarian philosophy to have won the day. But it does make a man cynical about relationships in general. That site doesn’t encompass all NC ladies by any means, but it does represent a large chunk of them. It’s a big enough sample to represent the general trend, I’m sure. And if that’s really the case, then my prospects don’t look good at all, unfortunately.

Is it so hard to find a woman who wants to work on a sustainable family farm the rest of her life? A life of comfort (if not luxury), but one rich with love and life experiences? A life surrounded by emus, llamas, cows, goats, chickens, rabbits, great danes, and a half-dozen (or more) children running around in the front yard? One replete with everything from sustainable energy to front porch swings and poetry on Saturday nights?! Is that so terrible?

…oh, and she’d occasionally find herself supporting her husband as he wages total, unrelenting war on the Devil, but that shouldn’t be too bad, all told.

But, yeah…I don’t like sports, I don’t have a masters degree, and I have a repulsive worldview. You can keep your partying and your nightlife and your negro-fandom, NC ladies. They’ll serve you well until you’re in your mid-thirties and ready to settle down and start a family.

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Mr. Cushman on “The Rebel Yell”



Recently, my friend Michael Cushman appeared for a fascinating interview on the Rebel Yell podcast. I’m jealous of his wonderful accent; we in the Tidewater got the short-end of the poetic sound in that regard. My readers ought to check out both the interview *and* Cushman’s blog-site, Southern Future.

I’ve known Michael for a long time but have only had the pleasure of meeting him in real life on one occasion (I hope there’ll be many more in the future). We sipped homemade peach moonshine and talked about the South (naturally). I consider that the one time in my life where the fellowship and conversation may have equaled those held by sear-sucker-clad aristocrats, sitting on front porches and sipping juelps.

There was an incident a few years back, when he was pushing for the new black-n-white Southern nationalist flag. I was opposed to it and in my clumsy commentary, called it the “Cushman flag.” I honestly thought that was the acceptable name and didn’t realize it was a slight against my friend. He promptly corrected me and I hope there’s no hard feelings about my gaff.

Since, and especially after hearing Dr. Hill on a recent “Rebel Yell” podcast, I’ve seen the need for the League to have a unique flag. My objections, at the time (if I recall) were how some over-zealous defenders of the new symbol were equating it with the entire South. “This is THE NEW flag of Dixie!” There was a sense that the old flag of Northern Virginia – the popular Confederate Battle Flag – was too controversial and we needed a way to slip around the anti-Southern narrative. The black-n-white may, in time, attain the same passionate aura and if it does, I hope the sentiments are tied to the League’s tireless work for Southern people.

On that – I’ve finally decided to join the League, even if I don’t believe street activism will have any ultimate success. Nevertheless, it sets up an organization people can work for and sets goals to be attained. Focusing efforts is always beneficial. I hope, for my part, I might work towards helping Southerners secede from American culture in various small and sundry ways (like, turning off their televisions for a start). From there, we might move into financial security, or seceding from the banking empire, or seceding from government education, and so on. The League supports all of these things and I hope I can lend what little skill and strength I have to their cause.

As for Michael Cushman, he’s written one book already (see my review here), and I look forward to many more to come.

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Faceless Fodder…


A few years back, my local paper showcased Neo-Nazis (about five adolescents) marching through our town, gathering around the Confederate monument, and holding a rally. Splayed across the front page was a photo showing combat-boot-clad white boys offering the Hitler salute to our venerated statue.

I didn’t understand then (nor do I fully understand now) why fascists and “nationalists” (so-called), fly our battle flag or speak fondly of old Dixie. In point of fact, they really don’t like Dixie and certainly not unreconstructed Southerners. It seems they’d find more agreement with Lincoln, the president whom, if Mr. DiLorenzo can be believed, codified much of Hamilton’s proto-fascist ideology into concrete destructive action. Had Lincoln survived, it seems he would have tried “whitening” America viz-a-viz deportation of the former slaves and instituting strict economic-nationalist reforms. This seems far more agreeable to modern white nationalists than the decentralized Christian Republic of Old Dixie.

I think these fascists like the South for the same reason modern politicians do: they see us as faceless fodder for their abstracted, revolutionary schemes. And they grudgingly admit that, owing to our historical heroism and cultural uniqueness, we have an interesting (if not always attractive) aesthetic.

But I’m just a low-class, uneducated redneck…so whaddayagunnado?

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The Rising Sun


One of my favorite parts of the military was the singing while running in formation. One guy would do a song or two, as the spirit lead him, then he’d fall back in and another would have a chance. Being able to carry a half-decent tune, I was always given a turn. The Navy has its own songs, but many of the ones we sang were adapted from the more famous Marine cadences.

I enlisted thinking I’d be a Navy SEAL. The guys at bootcamp, accordingly, put me in a division of similar-minded, glory-bound white boys and our PT was notorious for being the most difficult in all of Great Lakes. After graduation, we’d ship out for BUD/S in California and they intended us to be well prepared. We’d spend all morning at the pool, engaging in various devised tortu…workouts…then we’d hit the track to “dry off”. After a few months of this, running was easier than breathing.

The key is learning to hypnotize yourself. My young mind thought of it as “shifting gears” in your brain. You adapt your running gait to the cadence, then let your mind wander. Humans, like horses, have different running gaits (walk, trot, canter, sprint) each useful in their own way – but the trot and fast canter are the most helpful to the military and cadences are an ideal tool in this respect.

When you do it right and time your breathing correctly, you slip into a “zone” where the cadence takes you away and your emotions run with the song lyrics. Up or down, light-hearted or serious, we were in the hands of the singer. Ever since, when I run on my own, I miss being surrounded by a few dozen compatriots and hearing the cadence. I sing it to myself sometimes anyway.

…our fight now is a lonely one and the cadence being sung is in our minds not our ears. Still, I sing my favorites as I run. There’s something poetic about them, even though the lyrics are simple. It brings that old post-teen fire back into my chest and my legs remember what to do.

“Up in the mornin’ with the risin’ sun,
Gunna run all day till the runin’s done…”

“Around. Her hair. She wore a yellow ribbon.
She wore it for a sailor who was far, far away…”

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