The Motorist Bill of Rights

In this age of tyranny which we presently find ourselves, it is almost impossible to drive from point A to point B without breaking SOME law. Everyone, regardless of who they are, gets a little worried when a squad car pulls up behind them on the highway.

Many stretches of road, have unreasonably low speed limits, limits that no one usually obeys. As a result, it becomes nothing more than a speed trap, where state troopers can grab motorists at will. Like shooting fish in a barrel.

There is much wrong with the system of laws that govern the highways of America, (in every state.)

Here is a “motorist bill of rights,” drafted by the guys over at the National Motorist Association.

I think I agree with all of these with the possible exception of rule number 9.

  1. The right to traffic regulation based on sound engineering principles and public consensus.
  2. Clear guarantees that revenue collected from highway users for highway purposes be used for such purposes, and that all streets, roads, and highways be properly maintained, signed and regulated in a manner that expedites travel.
  3. Freedom from unreasonable search and seizure and the guarantee that all traffic stops will be based on probable cause.
  4. The right to choose the type of vehicle and related equipment that best meets an individual’s needs and preferences.
  5. Protection from discourteous and reckless drivers including those who deliberately impede traffic, who threaten other motorists with their actions, or who are impaired or incompetent.
  6. Freedom from unreasonable surcharges, fees, taxes, and fines.
  7. Complete access to all public streets, roads, and highways, free of arbitrary restrictions, exorbitant fees, or governmental attempts to dictate personal travel choices.
  8. Freedom from driver license suspensions or revocations for non-driving violations or matters of personal conduct.
  9. Protection from arbitrary and exploitative insurance industry practices.
  10. The right to a fair and impartial trial for traffic offenses, including a trial by jury if requested by the defendant
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