Mark Davis: The WMD Apologist

Once again, I found myself listening to the Rush Limbaugh show today during lunch.

Rush was out, (probably playing golf somewhere with the guys who provide him with talking points) and Mark Davis was filling in for him, broadcasting out of TX somewhere.

Today is Friday, and in keeping with the usual Rush format, Mark was taking phone calls.  (Open Line Fridays.)  The succession of calls struck me as a little Ironic, and the content of the two calls is what prompted this particular blog.

The first caller complained about the actions of certain members of Methodist leadership down in the Texas based college, “Southern Methodist University”.  They are upset about a new “Bush Think Tank” being built on the college campus.  You can see the AP story here:

One of the issues they raise is that the Bush administrations policies conflict with Christianity (as found in the Methodist expression.)

“They also say the Bush administration’s policies conflict with church teachings.”

Now, I’m not writing a blog on this specific story, although I’ll quickly add that Mark’s assesment of these ministers as “left wing cooks” and “troublemakers” was completely ignorant and unfair.  (He called them lots of really disrespectful and unfair names.)

So, if you oppose the presidents policy’s then you are a left wing “nut,” and you are not in any way representing the thoughts of all the “true” or “real” Christians out there…at least, according to Mark Davis.

He then gets a call about the interview with the FBI agent in charge of the incarcerated Saddam.

Mark was all in a tizzy about the interview, and went on and on about how great it was, and how every American should have to listen to it every day.  The focus of his attention was on a question the FBI agent ended up asking Saddam about WMD’s.  Saddam replied with some quizical answer, but this is enough for Mark.

I cannot re-create Marks commentary 100 percent accurately, but I’ll try to reconstruct it as fair as possible in order to highlight the complete propaganda content of his argument, (as well as the irony.)

In essence, his argument went like this:

Bush believed there were WMD’s in Iraq.  The Congress believed it.  The Democrats believed it.  The United Nations believed it.  Heck, even France believed it! 

So, there is point one of Marks case for the Iraq war.  Everyone “believed” that Saddam had WMD’s.  Ok, fine…whatever…they had me convinced to.  Listen to Marks second point though:

I don’t know what the probability is that Saddam would have used these weapons to attack his neighbors, Israel, or the U.S. It could be 2 out of 10, 4 out of 10, 7 out of 10, 9 out of 10, or maybe even 1 out of 10.  I’ll never know.  None of us will ever know.   But I’ll tell you what the historians who study this WMD controversy should focus on.  After this war, the probability that he would use these WMD’s is 0 out of 10!

THIS is the kind of argument that the “Bush Think Tank” will be churning out down in TX at the Methodist university.  THIS is the kind of argument that Mark says “most Christians agree with…and if you disagree with it, you are a loon, or nut!

Well Mark…I disagree with it. 

Let’s consider this from a Christian perspective for a minute. 

Can I, as a Christian, justify a war with another nation, just because we suspect that they have WMDs?

Well, I’m sure we can get the president, congress, democrats, the U.N, and MAYBE France, to all agree that Russia has WMD’s. 

Let’s apply Marks logic here.  We don’t know, (on a scalse of 1-10) how much of a threat Russia may or may not be.  Will Russia strike America with their WMD’s?  Who knows????  Certainly Mark Davis doesn’t. 

I guess that means, as a Christian, I should support the invasion, and overthrow of Russian government.

Tyranny like we have in America, can only happen when Christians throw their Bibles away, and replace them with Max Lucado, Rick Warren, and “Jesus Freaks” by DC Talk.  The American evangelical is totally ignorant of what constitutes a Christian “Just War Theory.” 

No, Christians!  You cannot kill another person, (or country in this case) because they look at you funny, or disagree with you on certain issues.  You cannot kill (legally according to God) other people (or countries) because you suspect that they may have a gun…or because they have really big fists that could possibly cause you harm.   You certainly cannot kill other people (or countries) because doing so would bring about an economic advantage for you! (1)

We certainly are not allowed to go kill someone simply because they made a threat against one of our neighbors. 

Wake up Christians, and start thinking with your Bibles instead of letting Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, or Mark Davis think for you!

(1)  Technically, justified war, (or killing) is done to attain certain economic advantages, but I’m distinguishing here between purely selfish reasons, and God-honoring “legal” reasons.  It’s not the intention of this blog, (nor certainly this footnote) to lay out or describe a proper Christian just war theory.  I only mean to try and head off any complaint raised on the particular issue of the economic utility of legal warfare.

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