Grease Explosion!!!!!!

!!!WARNING!!!  (Please avoid the same stupid mistake that I made!!)

For anyone who read my “Lye Soap and Freedom” article, you’ll know that I’ve recently been making my own soap.

Well, as in all things, patience is a virtue.

This is especially true with soap making.  I, like the big dummy that I am, had to find this out the hard way.

You see, I had decided to make a batch of soap, right as a good ol mid-summer storm began blowing in.

Eventually, my power started flickering, and soon an entire circuit in my apartment went down.  I lost power to the fridge and microwave, as well as to the electric sparks that ignite my gas oven.

I had already added the lye to my water, and was determined to carry on, despite the setbacks.

I set up some lamps, and manually lighted my gas oven.

Unfortunately, I lost track of time, and let my grease cook for far too long.  It was well over 120 degrees.

My lye was at the correct temperature, but my grease was far too hot.

Normally, I would just pop the pot into the freezer for a few minutes, but I didn’t know how long the power to my fridge would be out, so I crossed off that option.  My next plan was to set the pot of grease in the sink and run cold water on it until it cooled down.  The problem was, the sink was full of other dirty soap making utensils (as well as utensils from dinner that evening…)  I didn’t feel like cleaning all that out (I was in a soap making frenzy) plus, running cold water over the pot would take waaaay to long!

It was then that I came up with a brilliant idea!!!

“Why don’t I just pour some really cold water into the grease???”

As soon as the water hit the grease, it began hissing, and boiling…then popping, then BOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My recipe calls for 2 cups of grease.  Both cups were sent flying in all directions all over my kitchen.

Luckily, I have catlike reflexes, and dove behind a wall, or I could have been seriously hurt.

Now I have one heck of a mess to clean up.

On the bright side of this whole thing…I had fun running, and diving across the kitchen floor!!

The moral here:

Be patient when making soap!!!!

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2 Responses to Grease Explosion!!!!!!

  1. Anna Joy says:

    LOL. Now that would be something to see!


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