Home Made Root Beer!

I’m a stickler for the finer things in life…

The only caveat I have to that is, the “finer things in life” can’t be manufactured by some large cooperation to the detriment of my health.

I consider normal soft drinks to be poison.  In photography school, we learned how to develop film using coffee or soda.

I don’t know HOW some folks drink one right after the other, day after day.

Anyway…saying all that…I have to admit that I LOVE Root Beer with a passion.

A few years ago, my parents went to PA for a short vacation, and brought back some home made Amish root beer. The Amish used yeast to carbonate their soda, and after getting used to it…I found it to be VERY delicious.

A year or so later, by pure chance (divine providence), a friend of mine gave me the recipe for home made root beer!

Since I’m such a stickler for all organic, natural ingredients, I’ve adjusted the recipe accordingly.

You will need the following:

1 teaspoon dry yeast
1 cup lukewarm (distilled) water
2 cups granulated sugar (organic sugar cane)
5 teaspoons root beer extract (or 10 drops of root beer flavored stevia extract)
more lukewarm water (have plenty of distilled on hand)
10 dried raisins (organic of course)

1) Dissolve yeast in 1 cup lukewarm water, let stand 5 minutes. Combine sugar and extract. Add the yeast to the sugar mixture. (1)

2) Pour into a gallon jug, then fill with lukewarm water, stopping about 1 inch from the top of the jug. Add the dried raisins for flavor.

3) Cover the jug and set it in the sun for 3 hours.

Refrigerate overnight then drink the next day


(1)  As a side not here.  Even though this is an organic and all natural treat…it is STILL a treat.  I think of it as sort of a delicacy.  Due to the large amount of sugar in this drink, I don’t recommend making a habit out of drinking this either.  To try and reduce the amount of sugar, I tried substitutes like honey, and rice syrup.  The yeast really doesn’t like honey…it won’t eat it like it supposed to.  The rice syrup did a little better, but not by much.  It seems like we’re pretty much stuck with using organic sugar crystals for this.  Also, the bigger the crystals the better, try not to get the sugar that is so processed that it is almost a powder.

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11 Responses to Home Made Root Beer!

  1. You’ve gotta be a second born to be that much of a health freak!

  2. Anna Joy says:

    Or a fourth born, L………………….

  3. shotgunwildatheart says:

    Love machine?

    Largesse Libertarian?

    or, how about a fourth born,

    Lucratively lovable, yet lustrous lampoon?

    I’m sure you must of meant one of those…(lol!)

  4. Anna Joy says:

    LOL. No. I was referring to her name, which she does not like being used in it’s entirety online. :)

  5. shotgunwildatheart says:

    Oh…my bad…

    (I thought you were calling me a lunatic!!!) (LOL!!)

  6. Anna Joy says:

    However you wish to take it…….:D JK!

  7. littlereb says:

    O yeah AJ? How does what I said apply to a fourth? Especially a fourth/third?!

  8. Anna Joy says:

    Cause only a fourth would be so weird………..and how on earth are you a fourth/third? C is third in your fam.

  9. shotgunwildatheart says:

    What are you if you’re a “twin-born” ??? I need to know my place in life!

  10. Anna Joy says:

    LOL. This is an ongoing thing around here. Obviously we need to get a hobby or something. :D Hmmm, if you’re a twin……idk. You’d have to ask Liberty, whom I believe originated all this birth order talk.

  11. Dean says:

    If you want to use honey you can add yeast nutrient, available at your local homebrew supply store or online: http://www.grapeandgranary.com/

    You could also purchase a CO2 tank and get set up for forced carbonation for $200 or so.


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