Oh Man!

“Give me autonomous liberty

  –to dethrone Christ and establish humanity–

in His place I’ll take my stand,

     building from His grace my unstable land–

Away from me your guiding hand,

      such is due the city of man!”

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9 Responses to Oh Man!

  1. shotgunwildatheart says:

    lol…sheesh…thanks for the criticism…I haven’t tried writing poetry before…but..dang…maybe I should practice more? lol…

    Actually…I was in the middle of a “verbal – battle” with someone who is really filled with hate against Christianity…and, I wrote this as part of one of my replies to him.

    (This was my characterization of his attitude towards God…and.. really, it’s not just HIS attitude, but the attitude of all non-Christians.)

  2. Dean says:

    Hey I thought it was pretty good! But what do I know…

  3. littlereb says:

    I apologize. I really didn’t mean it in that way! I think I need to work at explaining myself better. :)

    Anyway, what I meant (didn’t say tho…) was, it’s very try; but I dunno, seeing it in words like that, there’s just something creepy about it.

  4. littlereb says:

    *true (second paragraph – first line)

  5. shotgunwildatheart says:

    Yes…without posting it in its proper context, it is a very odd little quip indeed.

    I don’t know why I blogged it… I was just bored I guess.

    You’ll get the true force of it, if you read the short conversation where I used it:


    It’s ok though Ms. Reb…if you think my poetry is terrible… I understand… lol

  6. It had nothing to do with the poetry itself: in the way it was written! It was simply the topic.

    I didn’t even know you had written it. So there! I have nothing against your poetry. Do I dare go as far as to say it was pretty well written? :D Really, it was!

  7. shotgunwildatheart says:

    “Shotgun…what I’m really trying to say is…don’t quit your day job…”


  8. How’d you learn to interpret so well??? lol


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