Does God Understand Economics?

Apparently not:

Recent issues of Charisma magazine have reported on two relatively new phenomena associated with this “revival” — gold fillings miraculously appearing in people’s mouths and “glory gold dust” appearing on faces, hands, and clothing. Both of these “miracles” have been reported by the Toronto Airport Church pastored by John Arnott, as well as by many other churches associated with the “revival.”

I keep hearing about this big “revival” going on down in Florida, and the other day, I actually heard that God was handing out gold down there!

Imagine that…

How wise and benevolent is a God that would increase the supply of gold, causing it to subsequently, decrease in value?

Beats me, but hey…if you’re lying on the floor after getting slain in the spirit, does it really matter?

(Oh, and for anyone wondering, I do not advocate images of Christ. The God described by these “laughing revival folks” is no more “God” than the man in the above image.)

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