Come on Shotgun, Is America REALLY Marxist?

I’ve recently become  a big fan of financial advisor Dave Ramsey. 

Last Monday (Columbus day) I read his book “The Total Money Makeover.”  As a result, I’m now getting myself out of the horrible debt that I’m in.  (If anyone out there wants to buy a red 2007 Mustang with low mileage, let me know!)

Dave Ramsey is a mainstream, Christian, financial advisor…well respected by all the Christian soccer moms and Rotary club members…you know…average Americans.  He’s no cook or fringe extermist by any means. 

That’s why, when Dave Ramsey begins ranting about the Marxism in America, I take it seriously.  Consider this clip of his:

America has implemented all of Karl Marx’ 10 planks of communism.  Consider the following two excellent articles by Joel McDurmon of American Vision.  In them, he highlights the 10 planks, and shows how America has succumbed to them:

The Planks We Walk to Our Doom, Part I:

The Planks We Walk to Our Doom, Part 2:

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