What Meyril Streep Can Teach Us About Culture

The above clip comes from “The Devil Wears Prada” where Meryl Streep lays into Anne Hathaway, and gives her a lesson about the fashion industry.

This was one of the most interesting and worthwhile parts of the movie in my opinion.  (For a great review of the cultural aspects involved from a Christian perspective, see here: http://firstword.us/2008/03/movie-devil-wears-prada-2006-hix-1/ )

This can be seen as an analogy for today’s cultural climate.

When surfing through MySpace, Facebook, or various other chatrooms and forums, I see ideas exchanged on a daily basis.

The “mood”  out there is progressively getting more and more anti-Christian.

It’s not uncommon for me to come across the same “argument” or expression of ideas from various unrelated individuals.

An ironic line of thought, (especially in light of the above clip) is the idea that the individual is completely original in all of his or her thought.

Just last night I was debating an atheist in a chatroom who called himself “The Anti-Christian Terrorist.”   Mr. ACT was expecting me to defend straw man positions of my faith.  He would quote a single verse (out of context naturally) and draw all sorts of blatantly wild conclusions about it, then expected me to defend the conclusions…(the verse OBVIOUSLY meant what he was implying…right?)

I pointed out how the Bible teaches that Judas went and hung himself, then later on teaches, “Go ye and do likewise” (what Christian wants to defend the notion that we should go hang ourselves?)  I then pointed out how orthodox Christianity has been in the process of growth, and systematic theology has become more and more pronounced over the years.  I brought up the Westminster, and London Baptist confessions, and the Heidelberg catechism.

“Those are other people’s beliefs you moron!”  He responded.  “I come up with all my ideas on my own.”

Yeah…he later discussed “morality” with me, and informed me that all ethical systems were “subjective” to the individual, and that society should only adopt that system that promotes the most good…

Got that idea on yer own did ya?

I didn’t lecture him about Nietzsche, or Kant’s view of ethics…nor did I trace for him the long history of moral utilitarianism…

I suppose in that sense, Meryl Streep is more patient than I am.

Ideas in the ivory tower slowly pilfer downward until some dude in a theological gutter ends up believing in them, and thinking they are his…(Just like Hathaway viewed her sweater!)

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