The Cave of Lore


When pines in misty wood doth speak,

And the ground is covered with moss and peat,

And a toad from murky bile doth peek,

Then you’ve arrived at the Cave of Lore.

For what man hath heart to enter there,

without being drawn by considerable fare

to the unholy working of the caves affairs,

and wicked gusts from wicked air

Arising deep within, the cave of lore?

No one knows what lurks beneath,

No tale hath told no mind bequeathed,

The mystery of this shadowy deep,

From it all sane thoughts do keep,

And save their hearts from the cave of lore.

But what of the soul who must go in?

To stave off the Dark and his home to win?

Would he venture through pine and fen?

To parlay with the cave of lore?

The planning lends stress to thoughts of morass.

The mind falters and balks, and casts about in distress,

How did he get himself into this mess?

Entering into the Cave of Lore?

Courage is needed, though fear be conceded,

All thoughts of failure, long since retreated,

The Dawn of Ages hath lit and heated,

His brave heart for the Cave of Lore.

With the Dawn comes memories deserted,

of warm sun rays on banks of rivers,

and the smell of sweat yams deliver,

courage to a heart that withers,

At dreams of meeting the Cave of Lore.

With the Dawn comes also hope,

Where before the blackness wrote

With authority and will to choke

All songs from within the hero’s throat,

And bid him silence enter in the Cave of Lore.

With Dawn at back, and wickedness in fore,

The Hero dares enter the Cave of Lore,

and Tales long told, of laughter more

Deliver the Hero to a savage door.

Past the mouth, he ventures onward,

though the narrative here doth falter,

For not even the poet in all his comfort,

Dare follow the Hero into the Cave of Lore.

May the Dawn protect you Hero!

I bid ye farewell!

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One Response to The Cave of Lore

  1. shotgunwildatheart says:

    This was my first “real” attempt at poetry. I hope it’s not too laughable.

    I was laying in bed the morning I wrote this, thinking back about my grandmothers old mobile home.

    Her back yard was always a little “scary” to me. It was covered in moss, and when it rained, it became down right swampy. It was on the edge of a pine forest and so all manner of insects, snakes, spiders, and mice ventured out and braved the moss in order to congregate underneath the trailer.

    It’s here were I first encountered the “Cave of Lore.” That was the most unholy looking hatch. It was always surrounded by spider webs and unholy looking insects…and once, one of my uncles had to crawl up under there.

    It is the one place in the world I dare not go. YIKES! I just had to jump up out of bed and write this! It also helps that I had recently been reading through Mrs. Elizabeth Browning’s poems, as well as an epic poem about the “Civil War” by Joseph T. Derry (which I quoted in the blog below.)


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