Join Me in a Week of Alkaline Balancing!

I was following a pretty extensive running schedule this past January.

One ridiculously frigid morning found me bent over in pain around the three mile mark massaging my knee and hoping for relief.

It felt like a cramp so I figured that it would work itself out if I kept running.  Well, it didn’t; instead of getting better during the run, it got progressively worse until I had to stop.   I had to limp all the way home, and baby it the rest of the day.

I didn’t remember twisting it, or doing anything unusual; why was I hurting?

I hate doctors, especially military doctors.  (***EDIT*** I don’t hate Doctors, I just despise the military health care system.) I dreaded going in for a checkup, knowing it would be worthless.  I did need an X-ray though so I made an appointment.  The X-ray didn’t show anything conclusive.  So the Doc says…”Stop running…and by the way…here is a prescription for Motrin.”  We decided that I had “sprained” or otherwise hurt my knee somehow.

Ok…umm..thanks for the update Doc…

I strongly believe in natural healing methods so I wasn’t about to settle for this simple diagnosis.  For some reason, my knee “sprained” during this run, and I wanted to find out why.

After some investigation I found out that our ligaments are made up of all sorts of good minerals.

If a person’s diet is too acidic (which is true for the majority of Americans) then his blood PH becomes too acidic.  This can potentially be deadly.  According to Dr. Christopher Vasey in his book, “The Acid Alkaline Diet” the body quickly tries to compensate for this by either eliminating the excess acid, or by neutralizing it.

Acids are neutralized when they come into contact with bases.  When more acid is consumed that the body can easily eliminate via the kidneys…the body MUST rob “basic” minerals from surrounding tissue in order to neutralize the blood.

My diet had become far too acidic.  I was consuming too much red meat, a little alcohol, sugar, and strong acidic cheeses.

I believe that my body’s PH dipped to such a level that vital minerals were being taken from my ligaments thus weakening them, leading to an unusual “sprain” in my knee.

I immediately clamped down on my diet and began eating healthy again.  However, recently (after reading Dr. Vasey’s book) I decided to go one step further and do an “Acid-Alkaline Balance” by cleansing my body tissue of any built up harmful acids.

I have planned out my week, from Sunday March 8, to Sunday March 15 based on Dr. Christopher Vasey’s book, “The Acid Alkaline Diet” as well as beneficial suggestions from Dr. Janet Maccaro (author of Natural Health Remedies) and Dr. Phyllis A. Balch (author of Prescription for Herbal Healing.)  Additionally, I’ll be doing a liver cleanse this week.

I’ve done all sorts of cleanses, but this will be the first time I’ve ever tried doing something like this.  I am really excited and believe that my overall health will greatly improve in addition to supplementing and replacing lost minerals from my ligaments and muscles.

THE PLAN (I’m going to write this out like a recipe for baking a cake or something.)

Supplements Involved / Ingredients:

Alkaline Water – Water that is not acidic.  I distill or filter all of my own water so, I’m good there.  Water out of streams wells or the faucet may be too acidic.

Probiotics – I’m going to drink through two bottles of liquid probiotics this week.  This will help reduce acidification caused by excessive colonization of microforms, or candida yeast.

Kyo Green – A wonderful green food supplement that comes in powder form.  This comes highly recommended by Janet Maccaro.

Juicer – This week will be almost like a fast.  I’m only going to be eating Alkaline foods, mainly veggies run through the juicer.

Green Drink Super Foods – There are some companies that sell this sort of Green – super food drink.  I’m going to go through two cartons of it this week.

Veggies – Cucumbers, cabbage, broccoli, spinach, celery, lettuce, zucchini, peppers, carrots and beets.  Also, POTATOES will provide for the bulk of the food this week. I also have romaine hearts…I love eating them.

Wheat Grass Supplement – I’m going to take at least 16 to 20 tablets a day in addition to the Kyo Green.

Alkaline Supplement – There are various alkaline supplements sold in stores.  This is vital for the acid cleansing process since I’d have to eat a strict veggie diet for years upon years to get enough alkaloids to balance out the amount of acid built up by the past 26 years of my life.  Your body WANTS to get rid of all the excess acid, but it can only do so in small steps.  If there is an influx of Basic minerals, then the acid can be neutralized and expelled.

Apple Cider Vinegar – I’m getting three BIG bottles of this, and one small bottle.  The three big ones will be for an apple cider vinegar bath every night, and the little one is to drink from.  Vinegar is a “simple” acid which means, the body can easily break it down and expel the acid through the lungs.  When it is broken down and the acid expelled through the lungs, all that is left is the alkaline elements.  This is a fast and easy way to add lots of Alkalinity to your blood PH.

Apples, or Apple Cider and other liver cleanse ingredients – I’m not going to list all the ingredients for a good liver cleanse.  If you’re interested, please let me know.  Or, you can google it.  The proceedure is pretty simple and easy.


For breakfast, simmer veggies along with potatoes in a pan.  I’m going to add pepper and goat cheese.  Drink a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar.  Lots of water to drink.  Drink a serving of Kyo Green.  Drink a glass of Green Super Food.

Lunch…do the same.

Afternoon snacks should consist of liquid Kyo Green, or Green Super food, or veggie jucie from the juicer.

Supper is the same as lunch and breakfast.

Evening Apple Cider Vinegar Bath:  Before the bath scrub the heck out of your skin with a skin brush of some sort.  You want to really open up your pores and prime your sweat glands.  Begin filling the tub with really hot water, though, you don’t want it to be too hot.  Get in the tub, then gradually fill it with hotter and hotter water.  If the water is too hot when you first get in, you’ll shock your skin, and it closes up as a defensive mechanism.  You want to gradually build up the hot water.  Add about half the bottle of ACVinegar to the water.  Soak for about 40 minutes.  I am currently working my way through Dr. Greg Bahnsen’s lecture series on the Philosophy of Religion.  This is a great time to get a lecture in!  I also light some candles and dim the lights.  It’s a good idea to have a bottle of water (or green superfood) there with you as well.  This can be a very relaxing end to a day…and I’ve started looking foward to my baths.

According to Janet Maccaro, this AC vinegar bath is very beneficial for riding the body of uric acid.  The heat also stimulates your sweat glands which play a major role in the bodies system of ridding itself of acid.


This seems a little harsh, but it looks worse than it will end up being I’m sure.  If followed diligently, Dr. Vasey assures us that we’ll be pleased.  He says this on page 186 of his book:

“Because of the strong purifying effect of this cure on the intestines as well as the kidneys, two or three days on this diet should bring about a good cleansing; but a longer period of a week, for example, will have an even more profound effect on the purification and deacidification of the body.”

Good luck, and God bless!  If you’d like to follow this plan along with me for the next week, I’d love to share some mutual encouragement!  Anyway…just let me know.

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