Tears For My People…(Warning: Strong Content)

This video clip brought tears to my eyes.

When looking around at the majority of my kinsfolk, I see morbid obesity.  I see confusion.  I see fear.  I see a lack of resolve.

Furthermore, I see and hear the sly laughter of those who would oppress my race and it turns my blood to pure venom.  I, for a brief moment, imagined the girl in the above video clip to be my sister, and I couldn’t see straight…my vision was skewed with anger.  What is worse…I know this sort of travesty takes place on a daily basis.

I’ve said it before and I’ll continue saying it as long as valiant discourse is possible:

If ever some woman loses her mind and marries me; and God blesses us with children;  the “State” will have to pry them from my cold dead arms before I give them up for that faux they call “education.”  To reduce my beautiful daughter…my own personal miracle…to the level and dignity of an ANIMAL;  forcing her to degrade herself and condescend to the level of other animals…to be beaten and spit on by animals!

Dear Lord I thank you for giving me the resolve to never live through such a thing, and if it must happen…it will be a drama for the eyes of a bullet riddled corpse.

For a very insightful article written on this topic…giving an overall look at the fate of our race…see here: http://thecaucasianliteraryreview.blogspot.com/2009/03/my-people-our-people.html

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2 Responses to Tears For My People…(Warning: Strong Content)

  1. Only the most morally bankrupt person could watch that and not be moved. Race and culture are inseparable, and what we see on that video is far too common to dismiss it as an aberration.

    Until we reclaim our cultural heritage and do so with the courage of our ancestors who intuitively knew right from wrong, each generation will descend further into the pit. That pit is like the tar pits that hold the bones of ancient creatures who have long since become extinct. We as a people – as a culture – also face extinction, and it will be because we failed to act with courage and resolve in the face of the cultural Marxism known as “political correctness”.

  2. Slamdunk says:

    The video really doesn’t bother me though I do agree with you that there are better alternatives to education than the public schools.

    Perhaps with my background in policing, I am more numb than I should be toward violence. When I see something like this, I think more of typical teen stupidity as opposed to an example of racial problems in American schools.

    To be honest, I was impressed that the girl in the skirt and dress shoes was very effective in her fighting tactics against someone wearing hiking boots. Then this probably does not speak well for my observations.


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