The End of Christianity in America?

(A recent Newsweek article has the Christian world abuzz with doubt.  A friend of mine sent me the article which can be seen here:  Afterwards, I was having a discussion with some woman in Australia who thought that the death of Christianity was undoubtedly a good thing.  In fact, she considers me a moron, unworthy of intelligent discussion.  She has refused to even civilly discuss our differences.  Well, I thought of the wrath God must feel for those arrogant blasphemers who reject His law and I also thought about how righteous His judgement will be.  I left the discussion and wrote this song.  I haven’t decided on the exact chord progression yet, and so I’ll just post the words for now.  When writing it, I was playing it in G, with the C,D, and F chords in different combinations.  If you’re interested, just let me know and I’ll tell you the exact progression I used.  Enjoy, and Soli Deo Gloria!!!)


The Day Christianity Died – By Shotgun

Sing the death of Christianity?

The words flow so perfect from you,

The things you’ve said; they cannot free!

So typical an imperfection (of you)

So hurtful and so mean to me!

So articulate your perilous phrases,

Such nonchalant simplicity.

Too bad I know how dumb your talk is, too bad I know hypocrasy!


I can see your buildings tumbling, I can see your world fall down.  Where is it your god has brought you?  Far away from solid ground!

Insensitive to all your crying, you’ve pushed away the perfect law!  You made the magistrate your comfort and forgot that Christ is Lord of All!

So gnash your teeth in violent anger!  My God will NOT be in the dock!  Quickly to condemn His righteous, quickly will you flee the Rock!

(This last verse is meant to sort of be talked while the same chord progression as the first verse goes in the background.)

You’re 30 and you’re all alone, the kids you didn’t slaughter have grown and left home, your welfare check has been postponed, and you’re crying to your friends on the telephone;

wondering when the government is going to step in; take you by the hand, be your friend, and make everything nice again…

But when it doesn’t happen you’ll hang up quick.  All your hope disappears, you’ll start feeling sick and then maybe you’ll remember that guy you despised, the one you terrorized, who tried telling you of the most excellent side of God’s glorious law if in it you would only abide.

But you didn’t abide, you had too much pride!  So I hope you fondly remember your celebration:  the day Christianity died.

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12 Responses to The End of Christianity in America?

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  2. shotgunwildatheart says:

    Interestingly enough, the guy that “pinged” my blog in the above link seems to imply that I haven’t read the entire Newsweek article.

    Truthfully though, I think he has just now, for the first time in his (or her) life, read the blog of a true Christian, and my rhetoric terrified him. So, instead of reading the entire blog, and seeing that I wasn’t responding to or interacting with the Newsweek article at all, he contented himself with psychoanalyzing me and other Christians.

    Bring back the glorious culture of the 50’s?

    Is this guy serious? I let you, dear reader, decide.

  3. Jerome M says:

    Is your definition of “true Christian” someone who fantasizes about the Judgement Day destruction of anyone who doesn’t agree with you and/or live up to your supposed ideals?

    “Well, I thought of the wrath God must feel for those arrogant blasphemers who reject His law and I also thought about how righteous His judgement will be.”

    Seems a little extreme and a lot judgemental, don’t you think? Not to mention non-tantamount to the love, charity, and forgiveness Jesus called his followers to live. But then, maybe you’re a different kind of “true Christian…”

  4. shotgunwildatheart says:

    I certainly don’t live up to the intolerant “tolerance” of modern day emasculated understandings of Christ…but then again, neither does the Jesus in scripture.

    I think you’ll find upon any fair exegesis of the scriptures that we Christians are called to hasten the return of Christ every time we partake of holy communion.

    What a glorious day of judgment that will be!

  5. holyspirithelp says:

    I want to hear you sing and play this one Shot =)

  6. incogman says:

    Mainstream articles like that have a certain between the lines gloating, so I can’t read them.

    Take a look at the direction of modern day Christianity. The dispensationalist’s blind support of the Zionists, people who attack Christians all the time. A gradual shift is underway to a Noahide religion, one that marginalizes Jesus and worships Judaism. Already corrupted Zionist puppets like Bishop Hagee deny Christ’s divinity from birth. Jesus will eventually be outlawed as Idolatry worship. They can’t do this all at once, they have to gradually work on America’s head, turning White Christians into “fringe group” for the rest of America.

    It all goes along with left-wing ideology, media promotion of miscenagation of the White race and continued immigration of non-Whites — it’s all for the destruction of our political demagraphics and ability to talk openly among ourselves without calling each other Nazis, etc.

    Pretty diabolical when you think about it.

    You’re in DC, check out the Chabad Lubivitcher’s influence and beliefs.

  7. shotgunwildatheart says:

    Well, I certainly can’t find much to disagree with you about, (especially concerning Mr. Hagee and his ilk) though I do remain optimistic in the face of such challenges.

    In fact, a new documentary was just released by the Nicene Council called: “The Late Great Planet Church” that goes a long way towards combating the stranglehold dispensational eschatology has on American Evangelicalism.

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again now: I smell revival on the wind…(and not just the cliche’ “American-style” revival either…I’m talking serious, nation-wide perhaps even world-wide revival.)

    Perhaps then the major race(s) of the world will realize the beauty inherent in their own diversity and work towards a love of blood-kin and land instead of towards a humanistic concept of salvation through the state (which necessarily entails the homogenization of all diversity into one large people group, subservient to the “State.”)

    If your suggested society happens, it will take place before the eyes of my bullet riddled corpse.

  8. incogman says:

    You should go to Joe Cortina’s blog (his link in my blog) and read what he has to say.

    White people in the US have been totally kept in the dark about all this and everything points to a purposeful effort for many decades now. Come to my blog and read more. Do go to Cortina and that first link I put in, if you are a Christian and really want to get to the bottom of it all.

    BTW, I have a brother who lives in Gates cty.

  9. shotgun says:

    I’m currently reading Michael Hoffman’s book on Psychological Warfare, and…if nothing else, I’m learning excellent writing skills.

    I’m convinced that I have the major “skelaton” or frame of what’s going on, but I do admit that I need to flesh it out.

    I have no idea how I’m ever going to get all this reading done…

  10. shotgun says:

    Ohh..and I have family and friends in Gates co…if your brother lives there, I might know him, (or know of him.)

  11. incogman says:

    He’s in Corapeke, across the street from the Dismal Swamp. I was just out there today and got plain eat-up by the state bird (mosquitoes).

    Sounds interesting on what you think is going on. I wonder if it’s the same Michael Hoffman who wrote Judaism Discovered.

  12. shotgun says:

    He doesn’t have a confederate monument in his front yard does he?


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