A Highly Controversial Proposition…


Could it be…maybe…unthinkably true…?

President Bush made statements intending to “frighten” people into accepting the fascist type bailouts.  Afterwards, rumors of “marshal law” were circling around (if the bailout was not passed.)

Now, as we hear more and more outcry against fascism (and socialism), and as we see Tea Parties springing up all over the country…could it be that the “conspirators” (allegedly) feel like the initial fear and chaos caused by the market lows is beginning to wear off? 

And, suppose these conspirators, realizing this…begin engineering a series of “shootings” across the country…shootings where just before the gunman offs himself, he manages to blame the economy for his angst.  (Either that, or he was just recently fired from his job, or is otherwise suffering financially…so that the audience and news media automatically assume economic woes are to blame for the violent rampage…)

Could this (frankly textbook) case of Machiavellian slight-of-hand possibly be the cause of all the recent shootings?

I bet people would rather blame it on the full moon…

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