News Alert: Subversion of French Culture Leads to Civil Unrest!

A recent victory of the Dreyfusards in France has established (in the minds of many Frenchmen) the possible existence of some sort of Jewish conspiracy.

Popular novelist, Andre’ Gide is friends with Leon Blum, a leader of Jewish Dreyfusards (who later becomes the French Prime Minister.)  Gide comments on Mr. Blum in his journal:

“…his apparent resolve always to show a preference for the Jew and to be interested always in him…comes above all from the fact that Blum considers the Jewish race as superior, as called upon to dominate after having been long dominated, and thinks it his duty to work towards its triumph with all his strength…A time will come, he thinks, that will be the age of the Jew; and right now it is important to recognize and establish his superiority in all categories, in all domains, in all the divisions of art, of knowledge and of industry.”

Historian Paul Johnson then paraphrases further objections voiced by Gide in his journals by saying that he “voiced his objections to what he saw as a Jewish takeover of French culture;  why could not Jews write in another language – why did they have to write in French?” Gide’s Journal continues:

“there is today in France a Jewish literature that is not French literature….For what does it matter to me that the literature of my country should be enriched if it is so at the expense of its significance?  It would be far better whenever the Frenchman comes to lack sufficient strength, for him to disappear rather than to let an uncouth person play his part in his stead and in his name.” (From the journals of Andre Gide, January 24, 1914.)

It would seem then that events in France demonstrate the truthfulness of Solomon ibn Verga’s (1450-1525) critique of the Jewish people in his book Shevet Yehuda (the Rod of Judah.)  (Some claim that this is the first work of Jewish history since Josephus’ Antiquities.  The book concentrates on the question “why do men hate Jews?”)  Verga concludes:

“I have never seen a man of reason hate the Jews and there is none who hates them except the common people.  For this there is a reason – the Jew is arrogant and always seeks to rule;  you would never think that they are exiles and slaves driven from people to people.  Rather, they seek to show themselves lords and masters.  Therefore the masses envy them.”

The French (of this time) believed that a group of non-French people had moved in and hijacked their culture, and furthermore, they believed that this group of people was conspiring with each other in order to bring about cultural domination.

Interesting story.

(Facts taken from Paul Johnson’s “History of the Jews.” pg. 390.)

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