Observations from a Sitting Duck



The tension mounted with every word! Brandon, (wearing an evil grin) strolled around the circle of children patting each on the head.  “Duck…Duck…Duck…” He was a master of suspense!  The power was in his tiny hands! For a brief moment, little Brandon could change the nature of his classmates and oh how he reveled in it! Who would he choose?

Just as our nerves were about to snap, a fierce declaration echoed across the school-yard…”GOOSE”!!! Immediately Summer’s inner nature changed (according to the rules of the game!) She felt compelled to capture her tormentor.  To re-tag him lest she take his place!

No longer a sitting duck, her entire position in the game had changed! Through no choice of her own she was a new player–with a new destiny and new motivations.  Yet she was still the same blond-headed little Summer. She was still responsible for playing.

Brandon quickly slid into Summer’s old spot, leaving her to choose the next goose. As she began her mantra, I pondered the nature of the game. Suppose the rules allowed us to simply choose not to become a Goose? Or suppose one of the ducks decided on a whim to act the part of the Goose?  How could there be a game at all then?

Brandon leaned over and whispered in my ear. “She LIKES youuuuu” (drawing out the “you” to fully accentuate the shame.) “Summer couldn’t like ME!” I thought.  She always made me the goose!  And, as Brandon and I predicted, Summer tapped me on the head and cried “Goose!”

Now was my chance! I could buck the system! Ruin the game! Throw off the sovereignty of the rules that lay behind the entire system and  make the whole of objective truth obsolete!  But then I realized how beautiful of a thing it was to be chosen.  My nature had been changed. I ran!

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