Pretentious Navigation Through Cultural Crises

Dear Editor,

I wish the Chowan Herald had stood up against the destruction of our community instead of openly celebrating it.

I left Edenton in ignorance and eventually settled in Washington D.C.  It’s a great town, but I soon realized that all the metropolitan sophistication in the world can’t beat a good old Rocky Hock watermelon!

No place like home” became more than a tired cliche’.  D.C. is famous for the cherry blossoms–a gift from the Japanese.  They will never be as familiar or lovely as the crape myrtles that line Edenton’s streets.  Even the ducks that frequent the waterfront feel like long-lost friends.  Men shake hands in the street, stories are exchanged, jokes are told, and in the main…life in Edenton is good.

Her beauty attracts people from all over the country.  It’s our culture, our way of life.  It’s something I’ve come to miss.

This culture was constructed by the blood, sweat and tears of our forefathers who derived a strong sense of community and work ethic from their Christian traditions.  Describing Edenton without including Jesus Christ would be disasterous–almost like a black and white picture of the Wessington House in the springtime.  To miss all the vibrant colors would be a tragedy.  Similarly, this town and our way of life bare the image of Christ.  To overlook Him would be a tragedy.

Yet this is what the Chowan Herald has done in publishing the article:  “Navigating the ultimate identity crisis.”

Edenton men can clearly see the threat to our cherished small-town culture posed by a Wal-Mart or an Outlying Landing Field!

Dear Editor, I propose that glorifying sexual perversion as normal and acceptable is more destructive to our community than 100 Wal-Marts!

By legitimizing anti-Christian morality and sexual perversion, the Chowan Herald is helping destroy the very foundations that built this beautiful community.

With metropolitan ideas come metropolitan culture and it will not be long before Edenton becomes just another suburb…bereft of her beauty.

Please don’t contribute to this.  Stand up for the people of Edenton!  Oppose non-Christian morality, and help maintain Edenton’s status as the South’s prettiest small town!

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2 Responses to Pretentious Navigation Through Cultural Crises

  1. Can you provide a link to what you’re responding to?

    It reads clearly and makes a solid point.

  2. shotgunwildatheart says:

    Hey Mr. McAtee…I really appreciate your comments.

    Here is the original article:

    The author lived nextdoor to us for years. I believe he is a mormon which surprises me, because the mormons I’ve met around here are usually pretty conservative on things like this.


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