A Pagan Hocus Pocus?

When you say “God bless America” are you presenting a humble request, or demanding payment? Is there a comma in your statement?

Don’t we deserve it after-all? From the time we are young, we are taught the brilliance of our founders. The luxury of capitalism, the integrity of libertarian economic ideals! Value theory, trade cycles, and free markets. All founded on Biblical principals of course. When followed, these ideals lead to prosperity and wealth. They demand God’s blessing! It’s only logical to conclude that education is the key to surmounting all the world’s problems. There is no man that cannot be blessed by wielding these ideals eh?  Lest we be too hasty, it should be added that Christian virtue be a vital part of this education if we are to demand God’s blessing. When taken together as a system, all people can look at the sovereign lord and demand payment for their adherence to the system! God, Bless America!

And yet, something seems terribly wrong with that attitude. This is a soulless religion, fit only for pagans who utter magic words and spin magic circles hoping they will reap benefits. There is no blood tie with the God who became man. The God who covers His people with His blood! How dare we demand anything of Him? He, Who does what He wills! Oh no, God doesn’t bless systems, charts, or magic words…rather, He blesses people. For no virtue of their own, He blesses whom He blesses, and curses whom He curses, and I praise Him for it!

When a true love for the true God-man is established among His people, an organic out-pouring of appreciation occurs. I’m a lover of the “dominion mandate,” as much as anyone but I cannot stand to see it treated as an analytical truth. It is the gracious outpouring of love from a regenerated people…a love that tempers and molds a people to the very core. There has only been one race to have sustained this…and the world has been blessed through them. Pagan cultures no longer eat each other. Wars between tribes are abolished (temporarily) and babies are no longer sacrificed en-mass (at least as long as this race held sway.)

Sadly, this evangelistic spirit has been taught to children as the most heinous of evils, and given the name “colonialism” or “racism.” Even worse, it’s being re-worded into nothingness…a fantasy. Races, they say, don’t even exist. Certainly not the one that did battle with Satan for so many years. That race of ALL the races doesn’t exist! Any man who says otherwise is a true fiend!

God pours out material blessings on the pagan as well as His own people…but only His own people are blessed with a blood knowledge of Him. A familial bond.

Will you view the world through the lens of blood, or through the lens of a Pagan Hocus Pocus?

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2 Responses to A Pagan Hocus Pocus?

  1. shotgunwildatheart says:

    This is a dangerous blog to agree to…


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