John Knox Puts a Woman in Her Place

John Knox: In very deed, Madam, that book* was written most especially against that wicked Jezebel of England.

Queen Mary: But ye speak of women in general?

John Knox: Most true, Madam.

Queen Mary: But yet ye have taught the people to receive another religion than their Princes can allow. How can that doctrine be of God, seeing that God commandeth subjects to obey their Princes?

John Knox: Madam, as right religion took neither original strength nor authority from worldly princes, but from the Eternal God alone, so are not subjects bound to frame their religion according to the appetites of their princes. Princes are oft the most ignorant of all others in God’s true religion, as we may read in the Histories, as well before the death of Christ Jesus as after. If all the seed of Abraham should have been of the religion of Pharaoh, to whom they were long subjects, I pray you, Madam, what religion should there have been in the world? Or, if all men in the days of the Apostles should have been of the religion of the Roman Emperors, what religion should there have been upon the face of the earth? Daniel and his fellows were subjects to Nebuchadnezzar and unto Darius, and yet, Madam, they would not be of their religion; for the three children said: “We make it known unto thee, O King, that we will not worship thy Gods.” Daniel did pray publicly unto his God against the expressed commandment of the King. And so, Madam, ye may perceive that subjects are not bound to the religion of their princes, although they are commanded to give them obedience. **

Shotgun: Queen Mary tries to tie in her gender and religion with the authority of the state. This is similar to what various feminists try to do today, though theirs is a different religion, and a different state. Their religion is the religion of humanism, disguised in Christian garb. And their state is the American state; where Satanism masquerades in language of democracy and equality. Knox eloquently places this feminist in her place by pointing out that our Religion is not of the world, nor do our heros pay homage to the trends and whims of contemporary society. We are God’s men…and Godly women will support us and love us. Feminists will get put into their place.

*Knox’s “Treatsie Against the Regiment of Women.”


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