When Your Vacuume Blows, and Your Steamer Sucks…

I often hear of Christians who struggle with depression.

Heck, I’m one of them.

I once ran across a link to a series of audio lectures by a Christian counselor. In order to combat depression, he says, you should make sure that you are taking care of your daily chores…chores like vacuuming, cleaning, and washing clothes.

I decided to give it a shot. I made a deal with God…if I could live righteously for one week, then He would reward me in some specific way the following Sunday.

During the weak, my vacuum cleaner broke; my *as seen on TV* steamer turned out to be junk; and my laundry card stopped working in the machines! (I ended up washing clothes in the bathtub, and drying them on a homemade line strewn across my living room.)

To make matters worse, I became discouraged, stopped my workout routine, and began drinking heavily.

Bad was piled on top of ugly, and by the following Sunday, depression had me firmly in its grip.

God taught me a lesson in all this.

You see; all week, I had the wrong attitude. I was trying to earn God’s blessings through my own righteousness! Imagine that! I’m a strong Calvinist, yet there I was, slaving away…trying to earn merit! I may as well have thrown on a robe and moved to Rome!

When your vacuum cleaner sucks and your steamer blows…thank God that you have tools of dominion in your possession, and thank Him for the will to use them! (You wouldn’t be discouraged at their bad performance if you weren’t motivated to use them in the first place!) Thank God for adopting you as a covenant child of Christ!

When we finally let go of our desire to earn salvation…when we finally accept the merit of Christ…then we can give up our low self esteem and realize that God alone will sanctify us, set us on our path, and give us purpose in life! I feel sorry for those who are stuck in a theology that demands constant self-loathing due to an inability to live up to a desired standard. That man will never feel good about himself, or life.

Rejoice in your labor under the sun (find your God-given purpose) and enjoy the little things in life.  This is the cure for depression.

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