Cooking With Paula

I work at a news organization. 

Famous chef, Paula Deen, visited our studio one Thanksgiving hoping to share some recipes with deployed servicemen. 

Some of the producers didn’t find Ms. Dean’s down-home, southern demeanor all that appealing, and decided to ridicule her over an intercom system.  Between the producer’s questions to Paula, she would make snide remarks that only her and a few others could hear. 

I’ve noticed that people in the TV and news industry, as well as many people in government bureaucracies, have a terrible bias, almost hate, for positive representations of Southern culture. 

Perhaps it was no coincidence that this same producer is an avid animal lover, and a member of PETA.

A fellow co-worker and I both found the comments about Dixie and Ms. Dean highly offensive.  It’s unwise to voice such opinions in my workplace though, so I decided to act in a more indirect fashion.

The result is the above poster.  My coworker and I enjoyed it very much…although, I’m sorry to say that the animal-loving (Dixie hating) producer, found it quite offensive.


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One Response to Cooking With Paula

  1. SLIMJIM says:

    That is rather sad


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