Annoying Letter to a Neighbor

Dear Neighbor,

Last night, someone placed an anonymous letter on my door explaining that loud noises had kept them awake…so loud, in fact, that the individual couldn’t sleep even with earplugs! The letter indicated that these noises were coming from my apartment, and suggested that I use discretion in the future when carrying out noisy activities at odd hours.

Now, I’m certainly sorry that one of my neighbors has had to go through this ordeal. However, during the times indicated in the letter, I was sound asleep. I didn’t have the TV on, nor did I have music playing. I fell asleep around 10:30 PM and woke up the next morning around 7:00. Additionally, I don’t have any habits or routines that would normally produce loud noises during the early hours of the morning, (even on weekends.)

After racking my brain, and trying to figure out if I were (in some way) at fault for my neighbor’s discomfort, I finally gave up, and decided that I have been mistakenly identified as the culprit. (Unfortunately, the letter didn’t explain the types of noises, and so I can’t do much by way of investigation to see what could have been causing them.)

I don’t know who the author of the letter was, but I’m placing this response on the doors of people in close proximity to my apartment. Perhaps the concerned letter-writer is not the only one having trouble sleeping through the loud noises? I personally do not hear any noises that keep me awake, nor have I ever heard any…nor have I heard anyone complain about any.

Nevertheless, there remains a noise problem and maybe this letter will help solve it?

If you are (by chance) the author of the anonymous letter…then please, don’t hesitate to knock on my door for a friendly chat.

Hopefully, we can keep this complex a pleasant place to live for everyone.



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