William and the Wall Pt. 1

Mortified young William shook
Upon the school steps weary,
Sorrow upon reflection took
More courage than is often hooked
And left our hero silly.

Scratch. Scratch. Scratch.  The sound of terror,
Shaking his small heart,
On the wall a ghostly error
Appeared few words of fear and horror
From Hell did Fortune drag this art.

His brother Tim, with deadly gall
Scratched out a verse with his hand
Nothing lies beyond this wall
No trees or magic or waterfalls!
You, dear brother belong to man!

The ghost of Tim began to grin
and fire filled his eyes!
“Death!” He cried again and again,
Until all the school heard William cry!

The ghost flew away
and left for a time.
Left him in a way
Left him crying and afraid
But remembering still the ghostly rhyme.

Left him to the wall.
To dream and wonder.
Is this all?
Is this all?
Can this wall be torn asunder?

“Not on your life!”
Replied a wicked echo.
Tim’s voice was filled with strife,
it hit young William with hate and spite
“The wall is all, wherever you’d go!”

But sunlight belied his brother’s error
And William remembered his father’s instruction!
No wall can block the sunbeam’s arrow
No bastion halt hearts, whether broad or narrow,
And Christ had destined this wall for destruction!

With these memories from heart firmly in head,
William leapt across the playground
searching for a door he found instead
Two men sitting with their faces red,
On top of the wall that must soon come down.

Of answering questions, these men were fond,
So William discerned by their faces,
“Sirs of this wall, what lies beyond?”
Can you see wonderful magic or blood loyal bonds?
Is there nature so pretty that no man would waste it?

Boy you dream, and dreams sheer wild
was their raucous reply.
So listen and listen good dear child!
Your thoughts from outside are henceforth exiled!
and from now on all dreaming denied!

This is your world so make it your habit!
To love fake rooms with fake ceilings
Where rigor and logic
Make dreaming tragic
And all thoughts of Christ are strapped by scheming!

For inside the wall, lectured the man on the left,
Is all logic, and matter!
His name was philosopher and his words were deft
Scheming with logic keeps man from death!
Should our mind falter an inch we’d fall and splatter!

Not so! Cried the man on the right!
Christ is alive but our puppet!
Kneel to logic and let reason bring light!
His name was Theologian and his words felt right
Our mind is all, no god can stop it!

Neither were able to glance behind
and see once for all a beautiful sight
William knew their words were blind
their eyes were trapped to gaze inside
He must search on though he envied their height!

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2 Responses to William and the Wall Pt. 1

  1. Cart says:

    I didn’t know you did this much writing. Excellent!

  2. Shotgun says:

    Thanks for all the kind words!


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