William and the Wall Part II


William and the Wall Part II was written by Shotgun’s Dad:

And as the boy pondered the voices he’d heard,
Wrestling with concepts and considering each word;
He found that his attention was unknowingly shifted,
To the corners of the place where the light appeared sifted.
Surely, there in the dim and dark that surrounded the room,
He heard a sound, a voice, from out of the gloom.
A movement he saw or thought he detected,
As a hooded old man from the darkness projected.
His face and his hands were weathered and wrinkled,
But his weary old eyes were bright blue and twinkled.
And, yes, the old man had fixed him a stare,
As he continued to close, now only feet to spare. 
I asked, “Are you deaf, boy, are you blind?
Do you normally have troubles with those of my kind?
Do you enjoy hearing voices with varying words,
With messages of gloom dripping from each word?”
Well I can see you’re confused and seeking the truth,
If you can trust a stranger that’s long in the tooth.
I’ll relate what I’ve learned from wandering this sod…
Philosophy and Logic are no replacements for God.
Men who seek knowledge and proof for every thought,
Soon are confined within the boundaries they’ve wrought.
They start thinking in circles and bending the meaning,
Of the truths they are seeking, the truths they are gleaning.
Each nationality and generation of man,
Has had its’ great thinkers with their heads in the sand.
They speak so loudly and are so proud of their word,
They no longer hear God, or study His word.
They’re way too busy trying to prove what they’re thinking,
To those who don’t care and will continue their sinking.
Into the world, the knowledge of man…..the pit,
And it will all come to nothing, every bit.
The truth is worth knowing, so listen to me well,
There really is a heaven and there really is a hell.
And when the clocks all stop ticking, and the last word is spoken,
Mankind is all dead, and the whole world is broken.
All those with knowledge, and speakers with great thoughts,
Those who spent their whole lives seeking, and not finding what they sought.

Those who knew more than most, and those who were proud,
Each one and all will be wrapped in a shroud.
We are all going to die!  This world is ending!
This is the message that God has been sending.
 No other thought, message, or word….
No more prophets or preachers are heard.
So what has all the knowledge, proud words, and speculations,
Done to improve the plight of these prideful generations?
Nothing!!!No good has been gained, not one soul spared,
For all of their proud declarations, not one of them cared.
To speak the truth, the real truth, the truth of God,
How believing in His Son, is not really so odd.
How being baptized with water saves burning by fire,
And we can praise Him now, and lift our voices higher.
His Word can be difficult, some prophecy hard to understand,
But His Holy Spirit renders aid to the soul of every man. 
It needs no approval, no tweaking or bending,
To make it all fit some philosophy you’re defending.
Just believe it!!! Do it!!! Spread it around!!!
Preach God’s Word and let His love abound!!!!
Now, my son, I’m all done with my preaching,
My spilling of words and all of my teaching.
The choice is yours, even God will not make it,
You must decide which way you will take it.
You have heard the words of this world, and the men who are in it,
You have heard their strange message, and the way that they spin it.
You find yourself looking at a wall up ahead,
You’re thinking that maybe you’d be better off dead.
The Lord doesn’t take you down blind alleys in life,
He doesn’t lead you to dead ends or leave you in plight.
He sent me here to deliver His Word,
And hopefully encourage you by all you have heard.
And to remind you that there is never a sin,
In walking back through the door you came in.
By taking a wrong turn or leaving God’s Truth out of your day,
Most often will place this bleak wall in your way.
Go back!!!Turn around!!!Get back on the right path!!!
Your way will be open to receive all that God hath. 

The old one then smiled, as he pointed behind,
The boy turned to see that he must have been blind.
For where there was only darkness and a musty old wall,
Where hope had died and despair was all,
Now there was a door, no, a gate that was open!!!
And it led back to the light, just where he was hoping!!!
The old man was gone, but the boy wasted no thought,
Knowing now the wonders and goodness God had wrought!
Into the world with his head held high,
God’s Word as his strength, God’s Spirit his Guide.
No longer asking if this has to be all,
He’s no longer afraid of facing that wall. 

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3 Responses to William and the Wall Part II

  1. Shotgun says:


    This is what I get for telling my dad that I am a Calvinist!


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