Hide n Seek in the Wood of Pious Doctrine

A friend of mine recently made the following comment:

Instead of hoping that some radical humanist, communist, pornographer or Abdul al Facil Muhammed akbar a Hadid Mustafa “comes to Christ” (although that’s up to God) wouldn’t it be better to realize that Christ didn’t die for everyone and then know what we are up against, seeing that there is an antithesis!

R.C. Sproul Jr responded negatively and began to instruct my friend in the finer points of Christian doctrine.  I don’t intend to recount the short discussion between Mr. Sproul and my friend, but rather, I want to post my  comments to Mr. Sproul.  Comments which were ignored in favor of a continuing debate over doctrinal nuances in Reformed dogmatics.

I doubt my words will affect any change in Mr. Sproul’s countenance, though I hope they do.  Who can say what God will decide?  My conscience is clean.  I have spoken my heart for once instead of keeping silent:


I’ve recently learned of the sin of Meroz! Am I a Laodicean to hide my conscience while I hear evil spoken?

Despite personal intimidation or other excuses born of a coward’s heart, I’m bound to suggest that Mr. Sproul’s theology in this matter arises from popular whims instead of the word of God thought true by our ancestors.

It’s reported to me from various sources that he would gladly wrest the faith from our race and hand it to the barbarians who are wont to rend and destroy it. Indeed, the covenant is open to all, but does that make physical bonds less?

I wish that ministers today would not forsake the politically incorrect “many” in order to save a faux and gnostic “one.”

It’s a sad theological hair that gets split in service of disguising egalitarian bias. Furthermore, it’s a sad Revelation that’s used as covers for fornication with Satanic doctrines.

One may remain aloof (as the pagans do) when challenged with accusations that lay outside popular credulity and let society’s embrace of one’s silence act as a comforting way to steal legitimacy from the offending claim. The Christian has no such comfort when evil is presented within his conscience’s jurisdiction…so take care that your hearts burn with jealousy of His honor and not the honor of that pagan society which some embrace.

I’ll not be a Laodicean!

We must honor God’s hierarchy in nature, and not turn an ignorant eye to it lest we end up slaughtered like our brothers in South Africa and find that what little meat is left on the corpse of Christendom has vanished…leaving Christ a skeleton bride.

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