Otto Scott on Family

Here is a two-part lecture on the family by Otto Scott.

Part 1: The Family in History

Part 2: The Family Today

Otto Scott has some very un-PC things to say about the family. He attributes the fall of great empires to the concentration of people into cities and their subsequent atomization and the destruction of rural family living. He cites Spengler and Macaulay as sources and tries to narrow the focus of the term family to genetic units. He makes statements at the end of the first lecture that may seem anti-agrarian, but, overall, his emphasis on rural family life against a destructive urban atomized existence is very refreshing.

I transcribed a few of his opening remarks:

Macaulay, the great English Historian, used the word race when writing about families. He referred in his description of the first duke of Marlborough, to the Churchill race. Which incidentally, he didn’t think very much of for various, very good reasons.

Calling families little races is not, when you look at it, very far off the mark. One notices physical types and even talents recurring through the family for generations. Such observations may no longer be fashionable, but they are unmistakable.,_1st_Baron_Macaulay

(For those concerned, I got the two Scott lectures free from SermonAudio and pushed them up to my media-fire account for easy download.  That way, anyone reading this blog wont have to surf through the massiver archive at Sermon Audio just to find these two lectures; you can conveniently download them from here!  I’ll keep these two lectures available for a few months, but if you’re reading this post months later, then you’ll have to get them from SermonAudio, or else email me and I’ll work out a way to get them to you.)

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2 Responses to Otto Scott on Family

  1. Cart says:

    I am thankful that you are posting on this topic. It is of extreme interest to me at this time. I know very little about it, and am eager to learn. God bless Shotgun.

  2. Shotgun says:


    It’s always nice to hear encouragement instead of being condemned to Hell and ostracized.


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