Joel McDurmon on Immigration

With the hot topic of immigration buzzing around office break-rooms, barbershops, and meeting places the country over…I’ve had ample opportunity to study self-contradictory sentiments.*

On the one hand white folk want to halt the flood o’ mud…and on the other, they want to be small government “conservatives.”  Yet the former outweighs the latter in strides, and so we see the routine and public defense of statism.**

It’s refreshing, then, to hear someone in a more “main-stream” organization discuss the matter from sound, Biblical principles!

American Vision’s Joel McDurmon has recently completed a three part video series where he discusses immigration in light of the Bible. We (as individuals who are self-conscious of our racial identity) realize that this sort of discussion will necessarily lead directly to troubled waters! Who wants to put their reputation, career, friendships or family on the line by taking (what is considered now’a’days to be,) an ultra-unpopular stand on matters of immigration, nationhood, and Biblical law?

Not many like that out there.

That’s why I had a heavy heart as I clicked the play button on the first of Mr. McDurmon’s videos. I suspected a selling-out of kith and kin…ambiguous definitions of nationhood, and a proper bashing of antique European ideals…all supported by some pop-egalitarian re-working of what is, otherwise, very clear Biblical testimony.***

But, my suspicions proved wrong! In fact, much of what Mr. McDurmon said highlighted for me a way forward against ideals of propositional nations, miscegenation, and immigration from a Biblical foundation! While true, he avoids controversial discussions of “nationhood” and race, he nevertheless makes some important observations without selling out a Biblical view of family.

The theme of McDurmon’s discussion is that the state has too much authority in controlling immigration, and that immigration itself (according to the Bible) is to be governed by individual property owners. I encourage everyone to watch all three videos (linked to below) but this theme is especially clarified in the third clip where he sums everything up.

He concludes with this statement…which may hint at a kinist position?:

“…That’s the problem, is these social welfare programs! That’s the problem, is the state playing God and provider! That’s the problem with illegal immigration! If we got rid of that, and the state reverted back to simply protecting private property, we would have a whole different scenario. We would have a freer scenario. And of course, there would be issues of mass migrations, maybe? I don’t know…over time. But if we had a different view of private property ourselves and legacy and children, that really wouldn’t be an issue. But…that’s a whole different discussion. So. What makes illegal immigration illegal? Well, it’s because the state is in an improper role. The state is too big and too powerful and has taken over the situation.”

In the modern mind, the state defines (by fiat declaration) what is or is not a nation…and thus, it is the state’s job to determine immigration policy. It is also, apparently, the job of the state to define (by fiat declaration) what is or is not a family…both positions are blasphemous.

I was greatly encouraged by Mr. McDurmon’s discussion…and I hope others can appreciate them as well.

Part 1 – Does the Bible Teach Open Borders?

Part 2 – Immigration and the Bible

Part 3 – Welfare, Border Control, and the Bible

*(It seems that immigration topics slip under, over, or around the boarders of high-society and take the place of well-meaning, native conversations. It’s often pointed out, for example, that the weather is now too good to be discussed by most people and so illegal immigration moves in to perform conversational jobs in its place!)

**(For an example of this hypocrisy, listen to Rush Limbaugh for five minutes. He will rail against big government, but then when he discusses the immigration issue, he rails for state-controlled measures. The state is Mr. Limbaugh’s final authority in this matter.)

***(Ok…to be honest, I didn’t REALLY expect this from Mr. McDurmon, but I didn’t see how he could say anything else and keep his job.)

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One Response to Joel McDurmon on Immigration

  1. Fr. John says:

    Thank you for posting these. I would wish that this gentleman, (when he goes before camera, or speaks in public) would cover the blasphemous ‘scarring’ prohibited by the Bible on his arms, so that his honest attempts at speaking the Word of God, would not be contradicted by the pagan markings (tattos) still on his flesh.


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