The Top Ten Evil White Folk

As Hollywood attempts to enlighten us backward hicks, we are repetitively exposed to villains.

A common villain is the overpowering and organized White who represents European society.

These whites are maligned, murdered, or maimed, and they always get their comeuppance.

They dream of simply being left alone, or to see a better future for themselves and their posterity.  They work hard to protect their friends and family from multicultural protagonists.

So, in honor of their hard work;  I decided to celebrate 10 of my favorite white villains.


Destro is your average, every-day villain who wants to take over the world.  This is nothing new really, but he has the added bonus of being a Scotsman who has a strong sense of cultural and ethnic identity.  This makes him extra-evil!  Thank God the egalitarian GI-Joes were able to stop him in time!

NUMBER 9:  Summer Wheatly

Summer Wheatly (played by Haylie Duff) represents the high-society chick that is way too good for the likes of Napoleon Dynamite or his pal Pedro.  Notice her blond hair and stuck up attitude?  That is just typical of the average all-American girl isn’t it?  I mean…how dare she despise the lazy, good for nothing, and faggoty acting Napoleon Dynamite?  She also represents an unsurmountable sexual conquest for the mestizo Pedro.  Illegal aliens lust after Summer, but can’t have her…and that earns her the number 9 spot on my list!

NUMBER 8:  The Hawks and the Eden Hall Varsity Hockey Team

These light-haired, uniformed tough-guys are a constant nemesis to the fun-loving and multicultural Mighty Ducks (coached by Emilio Estevez).  They constantly out-perform, out-train, and out-man the rag-tag Ducks…(at least until the end of the movie.)  This team of all-white boys represents the bad-guy mentality that must be defeated so that the combined might of jew / black / and white Ducks can learn about team-work.  Oh, the Ducks also have girls playing for them…so that makes them the hero of feminists as well as multiculturalists!

We see this same theme in Mighty Ducks 3.  The Ducks get a scholarship to attend a prestigious school and end up facing off with the varsity hockey team.  During one scene, the varsity guys declare that these Ducks should have stayed on their own side of the tracks.  But, in usual egalitarian style, the Ducks put those white, country-club types in their place.  Ducks: 1 White Society: 0

NUMBER 7:  John Lithgow in “Footloose”

Sometimes there are good white folk (like Kevin Bacon) who accept the egalitarian agenda and seek to spread the  news to peaceful white communities.   But there is always an evil white man standing in the way of the message.  In the movie Footloose, this role is played by John Lithgow (who stars as the town’s minister.)  He knows what is REALLY behind that devil music and those gyrating hips!  Congratulations Mr. Lithgow…your attempts to stave off evil and protect your town earn you the number 7 villain spot!  (Not surprisingly, Jewess Sarah Jessica Parker was in this movie as well, pushing the anti-white meme through the art of dance!)

NUMBER 6:  Amanda Buckman

In the movie “Adams Family Values,” Amanda (played by the young Mercedes McNab) is forced to associate with the disgusting Adams children, Wednesday and Pugsley, at summer camp.  But instead of being spun as a courageous defender of high-society eloquence and class, she is shown as the stuck-up blond who deserves to get what’s coming to her!  (See a pattern yet?)  Wednesday, Pugsley and a Jew, along with a gang of mis-fit Indians wreak havoc on the camp.  While the movie intends for this to be heroic, I think it turns out ironic instead.  A great picture of what happens when white society is overthrown.  I was just sorry to see the beautiful white girl end up getting burned at the stake…sadly, that part happens in real life as well, though perhaps metaphorically instead of literally.  (Notice how all the girls in the picture are uniform and blond, while Wednesday is segregated by her pale skin, black hair, and dark bathing suit.)

NUMBER 5:  The Little-League Brats

The poor, multicultural boys of “The Sandlot” fame meet after school and on weekends to play baseball at a nearby lot.  This cannot be allowed, and so a team of uniformed white boys shows up to challenge them.  The confrontation leads to a showdown of insults as the leader of the white boys trades jabs with the fat little jewish catcher of the Sandlot team.  Of course the jew out-insults the white boy (by resorting to the ULTIMATE insult:  “You play ball like a GIRL!” GASP!) Which leads to a pick-up game between the two forces.  As expected, the white boys lose.  At least they tried though, and that earns them the number 5 spot.

NUMBER 4: The Should’a’Been Son in Law

“Son in Law” is one of the most insulting movies I’ve ever seen.  A beautiful small-town girl named Becca, goes off to college where she is introduced to lesbianism, mud wrestling, tattoos, and Pauly Shore…a faggoty acting Jew who encourages her to give up the rural Christian values she grew up with.  When the couple visit home, they are confronted by Becca’s (ex) boyfriend Travis, who asks her to marry him, only to find that Pauly Shore has already proposed!  Notice Travis’ lettered jacket and all-American charm.  This is starkly contrasted with the faggoty acting Jewishness of Pauly Shore.  Becca sure did choose the better man didn’t she?  Too bad Travis.  Gaining number 4 villain status should cheer you up!

NUMBER 3:  Draco Malfoy

Draco (from the Harry Potter franchise) belongs to a very long line of pure wizards.  He doesn’t like mud-bloods, which are those wizards who have engaged in miscegenation with non-wizards (also known as muggles.)  Draco and his family are seen as villains because of their purist stance.  But, I don’t think that’s villainous at all…in fact, for his steadfast resistance to the mud-blood flood, I award Draco the bronze medal position!  Way to go Draco, and may you encourage children to despise unnatural pairings for years to come!  (Notice how unnaturally white his hair is.  Apparently, the whiter the hair, the purer the blood?)

NUMBER 2:  General Bethlehem

General Bethlehem (played by Will Patton) is one bad a** ex copying machine salesman!  He acts as Kevin Costner’s antagonist in the movie “The Postman” where he forms the Holnists: an army that provides order and protection in a post-apocalyptic world.  In addition to the occasional tax, Bethlehem recruits young males from surrounding villages to help supply the army.  He takes them in, trains them, feeds them, and gives them something to live for.  He provides stability to the entire west coast.  However, because he is a racist, (and doesn’t recruit people that “look like they got a little nigger in em”) he must be opposed with all the force that the fallen propositional states of America can muster!  He is overthrown in the end, (of course) but is one of the strongest warriors for white folk I’ve seen emerge from Hollywood.

And now…finally…THE number one…coolest, most frightening, most villainous of ALL the white villains is…:  Mother Superior

When Whoopi Goldberg witnesses a murder (in the movie Sister Act) she is placed in a convent as part of the Witness Protection Program.  There, she tries to hip-up and negro-rig the holy Christian choir, quite to the chagrin of Mother Superior (played by actress Maggie Smith.)  Mother Superior is one scary nun.  She is the only one in the entire film that manages to shut Whoopi up.  She tries to keep the worldly ways of Whoopi from tainting the worship of the nuns…to no avail (as it turns out) but one can’t fault her for trying.  She captures the spirit and heart of many well meaning whites who see Satanism and multicultural agendas infiltrating the church by way of music.

Fight on Mother Superior…fight on!

I pray that the Lord gives us all the strength to stand up for our people, our race…our “ethnos” in the same way that these brave villains have.  May we run the gauntlet of life and do battle with the unwavering foes of familism, blood, and God…because in real life, we will not be humiliated in the end!

God will decide between our cause and theirs and He will deliver us!

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4 Responses to The Top Ten Evil White Folk

  1. White As A Ghost says:

    Thanks, Shotgun! None of us can get along, but some of us can make the rest of us laugh a little!

  2. shotgunwildatheart says:

    lol…thanks Mr. Ghost!

  3. danielj says:

    she is placed in a convent as part of the Witness Protection Program.

    Somebody needs to start a Whiteness Protection Program…

  4. :-D Another funny one!


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