Dr. Shotgun: ACT I

Dramatis Personae

The Chorus

Dr. Shotgun

Good Angel

Evil Angel

The Beautiful Irene

Ghost of Robin (The Clown)


Enter [Chorus]:

In vociferous glens our story doth unfold

Be’twixt yon lavish city

Where clamorous knaves run shouting bold

And calmest of history lay deft, untold.

Upon this apex rest the head

Of Dr. Shotgun who sleeps

Through the noise as if he were dead,

And embraced by the sweet Earth instead.

His thoughts run from one end to the other,

Seeking his pleasure among hill and brush,

Never finding what he yearns to gather,

Hoping for something in life to matter.

But look ye now towards Shotgun’s chamber,

See him stir and face the evil

That slips among his thoughts to slander

His best of dreams, or perhaps expand them?

Exit [Chorus]

Enter [Dr. Shotgun]

DR. SHOTGUN: Alas!  I cannot sleep among this condemned noise! Through alarms, and bells, and and all sorts of cacophony! Whence does my peace arise?  Where from Earth does man’s patience reside? Seeing in life a great shade of gray…I’ve no reason to arise out of bed this day!

Enter [good and evil angels]

For God only knows, but will not bequeath Upon man such knowledge as should ensure our sleep! The patience for us is but a knave of God’s restraining game to play!

GOOD ANGEL:  NAY…Shotgun, don’t think such things.  Temper your mind to follow His lead, and tame your heart to His love…for tis such the things that dreams are made of!

EVIL ANGEL: Listen to him if you so chooseth, but among the heathen his words are amusing!  You know the power that your heart wants most!  You know the pleasure, the wealth…all apropos!  His sort of life would find you lost, and lost never finding!  Would you live your days with the honor of sheep, or would you fill your life with the laughter of women, the wine of life!  See yourself on beaches of glory, surrounded by peace!

GOOD ANGEL: Thus endeth the nightmare of all men thinking.

EVIL ANGEL: AWAY with you, and your downcast naysaying!

[Evil Angel chases the Good Angel out of the room.]

Exit [Angels]

Dr. SHOTGUN: But what is this that tempts me?  I cannot stand before such lofty ends!  Better for me to humble myself, and get out of bed.

[Evil Angel runs back in]

EVIL ANGEL:  Or lay as you are and continue dreaming instead! (Evil Angel turns and winks at the audience, then runs out with a laugh!)

DR. SHOTGUN: Of course, these whispers in my head are right!  I’ll call on Mephistopheles now and save my sorrow for tonight!


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3 Responses to Dr. Shotgun: ACT I

  1. White As A Ghost says:

    “GOOD ANGEL: NAY…Shotgun,…” A comedy! This is hilarious. But if, in a dark mood you writeth this, intending for it to be a tragedy, please let us not excommunicate one another over it.

    Looking forward to Act II (or is it Scene II? As long as it’s not ObScene II…)

  2. Shotgun says:

    lol…well, it’s kind of light hearted…I just got interrupted in writing it this morning, and haven’t gotten back to finishing it.

  3. Shotgun says:

    …thought I was going to finish it this morning…but, alas…fate did not turneth its sunny face upon my endeavor!

    Guess I’ll have to do it this evening. I added a non-Faustian character: “The beautiful Irene” … In the Faust myth, I suppose the woman is usually Helen of Troy, but I want the beautiful Irene, because “eirene” is the Greek word for “peace” used in the NT.


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