Rushdoony on Conspiracies

I went to the movies yesterday.  I hadn’t been in awhile, and I still had Michael Hoffman fresh in my mind.  Perhaps I was biased, (I don’t feel like I was), but his “revelation of the method” theory is hard to deny when you know what to look for.  There were at least two movies, probably three, that blatantly seem to “reveal the method.”  One, starring Shy LaDoof and Michael Douglas, directed by Oliver Stone, is about the inside workings of Wallstreet.  The Michael Douglas character is compared with the Devil (a position Douglas seems to enjoy in his movies.)  Another movie, starring Matt Damon is about a senator who finds out that a group of individuals is actually controlling all events with some sort of god-like sovereignty.  “The Adjustment Bureau” falls right in line with how the cryptocracy wants people to think about their rulers.  Seems like every time you turn around, some new movie out there is either denying God’s sovereignty, or placing man in God’s position.  At any rate…here is what R.J. Rushdoony has to say about conspiracies…and I think he’s right.  The following is from a Chalcedon audio called:  Occultism Q & A:

Q: Do you believe that there is a large scale conspiracy behind world events today?

A: Yes.  First of all, I believe that Psalm 2 gives us the best statement on conspiracies.

Why do the heathen rage, and the nations take council together (or conspire together) against the Lord and his anointed?

This is the conspiracy of history.  Of Satan and his cohorts against the Lord!  Now, against that, we are told, that, we should share in God’s laughter.

“He that sitteth on the circle of the Heavens shall laugh!  The Lord shall hold them in derision! “

God’s laughter, should be ours.  We should NOT be unduly absorbed in studying all the conspiracies of history.  Let me read to you God’s judgment, through our Lord on those who did.  Because we know from church history, there are many in our Lord’s day and thereafter who are constantly studying the conspiracy.  It was known then as the “deep things of Satan.”

And so our Lord, in His letter to the church in Thyatira in Revelation 2:24 says:

“But unto you I say, and unto the rest of Thyatira, as many as have not this doctrine, and which have NOT known the depths of Satan as they speak, I will put upon you no other burden.”

In other words, our Lord condemns those who spent all their time studying the deep things of Satan or the depths of Satan; his conspiracy.  When they should have been doing the Lord’s work.  When they should have been strengthening their homes.  Strengthening whatever line of Christian activity they could.   I think it’s a serious error to concentrate on studying evil.

Now, I believe there have been many, many conspiracies in history.  I don’t believe there’s one large scale one, I believe there are many.   And I don’t feel they are any matter of concern for me.  Never in the history of the United States were there more conspiracies at work than during the presidencies of Washington and Adams.  They had fought right up into the cabinet.  We had an army of less than 200.  There was more money spent by the British secret service, and by the French revolutionary regime especially, in the United States in those days than the federal budget!   And yet, they couldn’t overturn the country.  Why?

Because of the basic faith of the people.  Now that’s the issue!  You’re always going to have conspiracies.  Just as, at this moment, in this room, and any room, or any place you go to in Florida, or any place in the world, you’ll find all kinds of germs.  TB germs, cold germs, and what not.  Why aren’t you sick?  Because you have developed a resistance by good food and good sleep.   Now, I travel a great deal.  Normally, I go two to three years without catching a cold because I try to take care of myself.  But if I lose out on my sleep and am not careful about what I eat, I will, I know for sure, I’ll come down with a cold.  My resistance is lower!

Alright.  What’s the answer to conspiracies?  Well, it’s not to study the cold germs and cancer and all that.  I could study them from one end of the year to the other and never avoid them.  But by developing my health, I can.  And the answer to all conspiracies is, study the word of God, not the conspiracy!  Grow in grace and knowledge of the Lord.  Develop Christian institutions, Christian schools, one thing after another.  And that’s your answer!

Those germs of conspiracy can never overthrow Hell; God’s Hell.  This is what we must cultivate.

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2 Responses to Rushdoony on Conspiracies

  1. cadeveo says:

    Wow. Just wow–I’m not a Christian, but the sentiment quoted here is incredibly wise. I know. I’ve spent far too much time studying and looking at conspiracies–you could say it became an addiction. However, that obsession has not stopped any of it from going on, nor has it improved my life or the lives of the people around me I love and should be concerned about. Cultivating good character, fulfilling your duties and responsibilities in life, and trusting in the goodness of G-d and his universe–that is absolutely the antidote. Even still, I have to work hard to remember this and not get sucked back into obsessing over the machinations of those who aim to manipulate, hurt and control us.

    Thanks for posting this.

    • Carl Wells says:

      That is a thoughtful response, Cadeveo. I wonder if, 3 1/2 years later, you have by now become a Christian. I hope so! Best wishes, Carl Wells


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