Dr. Shotgun: ACT II

Dramatis Personae

The Chorus

Dr. Shotgun

Good Angel

Evil Angel

The Beautiful Irene

Ghost of Robin (The Clown)


Enter [Chorus]:

With cursed hexes and frightening endeavors

Dr. Shotgun toils and labors,

Calling on Mephistopheles,

To gain his favor!

Courting fires is a frightening pursuit

And whilst a boy dons that perilous hat

His manhood awaits upon shifting horizons

Watching the battlements thus constructed

To fend off time and protect the ecstasy of youth.

Exit [Chorus]

Enter [Dr. Shotgun]

DR. SHOTGUN: Perhaps if I arrange my television just so? Heraclitus could hardly do worse in his conjuring and Aristotle would be overwhelmed!  The fascinating manipulations of Dr. Shotgun, who stands upon the wisdom of all humanity, commanding it as the turn of a page from one of his many books, can not be thought less than the wizardry of past saints!

Enter [Evil Angel]

And why should this Mephistopheles be so distant? Does he despise humanity so much that he would hide from us when we seek him?  Is he not around every corner and lurking in our most common activities?  The haunted house is where to find the living!

EVIL ANGEL (whispering): Perhaps if you position it just so?

DR. SHOTGUN: I’ve decided to position it just so!  (He moves his TV at a peculiar angle.)

EVIL ANGEL (whispering): And, don’t neglect the couch!

DR. SHOTGUN: Ha!  I’ve almost neglected the couch!  (He repositions the couch) It is really these most common of things that the usual man overlooks which hold the most profound power if only he had the wisdom to see!  Dr. Shotgun, in all his learning, knows how to avoid the perils that trap normal wits!

EVIL ANGEL (whispering): And your body as well!

DR. SHOTGUN: I shall complete my wonder by conjuring myself a pizza! (He orders out.) With extra cheese, and a large soda for myself!  The best meal for dinner with the devil!

Enter [Good Angel] carrying a picture of the Sweet Irene

GOOD ANGEL: Dr. Shotgun, I pray thee stop!  Think on this thing I hold!

EVIL ANGEL: Tis not such a thing as to make man wonder!

DR. SHOTGUN:  What foul thoughts I have!  I am double-minded in all that I do!  But I shall make perseverance my virtue!  Mephistopheles and I will be united this evening!


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3 Responses to Dr. Shotgun: ACT II

  1. White As A Ghost says:


  2. shotgunwildatheart says:


    I have no idea what I’m doing…I’m just winging it!

    I hope the folks in England aren’t kept awake by Marlowe rolling over in his grave.

  3. Shotgun says:

    By the way Mr. Ghost…

    I think you’re the only one that’s reading these…and for that, I’m very appreciative! If you have a blog or something, I’d gladly return the favor and visit it on a regular basis!


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