The Petty Bourgeois Mentality

Jared Taylor describes the social climate of the Soviet Union:

“The very recentness of such terms as “racism” and “racial prejudice” is an indication of how quickly our thinking has changed.  To make a serious moral failing out of concepts that did not even exist in the time of our grandparents is a sign of dizzyingly rapid change.

In terms of language, America’s experience has been like that of communist revolutions.  In the Soviet Union, traditional assumptions were suddenly declared reactionary and criminal.  Private enterprise and private gain, which had always been the driving forces of the economy, were outlawed, and new words had to be invented for what were now crimes.  People who still believed in private gain had a “petty bourgeois mentality,” and those who wanted to keep the fruits of their labor were “stealing from the state.” Anyone who defended the free market was a “stooge of imperialism.” After the fall of communism, private gain was once more recognized as a normal and even necessary economic motivation, and the words that had been invented to criminalize it fell into disuse.”

He continues in a footnote:

“During the years that led to the rehabilitation of traditional thinking in the former East Bloc, the reverse process continued in the West.  Many new crimes were discovered during the 1970s and 1980s:  sexism, homophobia, lookism, ableism, speciesism, male chauvinism, nativism, etc.  Whenever society turns against attitudes that were once widespread, it must invent new words to stigmatize what is now a crime.  It may be distinctly twentieth-century experience for large numbers of people to be accused of moral failings for which the very words to describe them have only just been invented.” – Race and the American Prospect, pg. 141.

That sort of Satanic programing was far more humane than what is happening in America at the moment.

To have a petty bourgeois mentality meant that you were greedy and self-serving; that you put your own needs and economic welfare over those of your fellow comrades!

I say this was more humane, because in America today, it’s one’s huamnity that is sacrificed to the state!

Americans require the very souls of their neighbors!  They’re not content with robbing each other of material possessions; the heart and mind must be sacrificed as well!

The Apostle says that in God we live, move and have our being.  But this cannot be for the Satanist (a term which refers to the modern American, no matter what his or her profession.)  In the State we must live, move and have our being!

Our Sovereign State determines who can and cannot be married.  Our Sovereign State determines who is and is not a family.  Our Sovereign State determines who can and cannot be a part of our nation!  In all things, our State is sovereign!

The petty bourgeois mentality is nothing compared to the petty familism of the blue-collar workers of today.  In the Soviet Union, petty men valued their own possessions over the material wealth of others, and valued the fruit of their labor more so than that of other laborers!  They presumed to work for an entity other than the State!  In the same way, the familist loves himself and his family more than other familes!  His preposterous belief in a sphere of sovereignty outside of the State is blasphemous!

He must give all of his heart and all of his mind to the State because to do otherwise is to necessarily blaspheme.  To do otherwise, in one move, casts off the sovereignty of the state and claims a higher authority!

To do otherwise is to hold up a hand to the State and cry: “Halt! You shall not come any further!  You have no authority to define what a family is!  You have no authority to define what a marriage is!  You have no authority to define nationhood!  That authority rests with the One in Whom we live, move and have our being!”

I have a petty bourgeois mentality, and I also have a petty familist mentality.

I will not sell my heart to the state.

It belongs to Him, and He can light up a heart with heat so intense that it can burn all the paper in all the bureacracies in all the state buildings in all the Satanic world!

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