Review: Forgotten History of the Western People

I admit that I am a young Earth creationist.

To say so today automatically paints one as some sort of naive fundamentalist, but I don’t care. I’ve always been one for romance and fairy tales.

Because I believe in a world that is a little over six thousand years old and was once populated by giants, witches, magicians, dragons and all manner of creatures that no longer exist, (or do they?!) I am inclined to take chronology and legend very seriously.

While browsing through the famous Creation Museum, I found a small book, shoved way back in a corner, written by Bill Cooper, called ‘After the Flood.’  Mr. Cooper relies on lineage documents from various peoples of European descent and is able to trace the royal families all the way back to Noah!  His book was so exciting to me, that I read it through in one sitting.

It was from Bill Cooper’s website that I learned about Mike Gascoigne’s book “Forgotten History of the Western People: From the Earliest Origins.” Cascoigne’s book promised to be a more in-depth look at the same sort of genealogical study.

They say that a student should never read a good book when there are so many great books out there!  So, is Mr. Gascoigne’s book good or great?  Well, after reading it I can’t say it’s a great book, although, against common wisdom I would nevertheless advise the student to read it.  It provides a succinct and interesting overview of history and the movements of people groups from the perspective of a Young Earth creationist.

Mike Gascoigne is not a professional genealogist, nor is he a historian.  Instead, like Cooper, he is a laymen who is interested in the subject, though he does have a background in chemical engineering.  Many of the arguments he makes are vague and sometimes I found it hard to determine which source was being cited.

So, do I think Mr. Gascoigne has it entirely right?  No, I can’t say that I do.  However, I think he’s got it mostly right, even despite his ambiguities.  History, in my opinion, happened something like the way he describes.

He starts by comparing ancient legends of the Babylonians, Greeks, and the Bible.  It must be confessed that there are striking parallels.  For instance, in the Babylonian flood account, their patriarch builds a giant boat for his family and friends, escapes a world-wide flood, and afterwords, releases birds to see if the flood waters had receded yet. These similarities make sense if you believe that all humanity dispersed from Noah’s three sons.

Some of Gascoigne’s less-concrete cases occur when he argues from obscure Greek myths and find parallels there with the OT scriptures.  The premise is that the gods of the Greek legends at one point represented real people, and can be compared to Noah, Noah’s wife, and his three sons.  From this idea, he associates different gods with Noah’s sons based on vague reasoning and comes up with a direct descent from the “gods” to the city of Troy, where we join the story of Brutus.

Oddly, Gascoigne seems to disagree with Cooper on one point.  Cooper’s studies imply that the Celts originated from Shem.  This is verified by the theory of E. Raymond Capt put forth in his book “Missing Links Discovered.”  However, Cascoigne maintains that the Celts are from Japeth, and even names one of the patriarchs as “Celtus.”

It’s all quite confusing, and I doubt if we’ll ever know for sure unless major archeological discoveries are made.  (And I daydream about that happening.)  At any rate, as I said above, I believe something like this happened:

Apparently, after Babel the people were dispersed in different language groups that corresponded loosely with their family groups.  For instance, it may be the case that Japeth’s family was divided into three different languages, each of whom migrated with each other in the same general westward direction?  Gascoigne doesn’t speculate about this.  What happens is, Troy becomes the next greatest established city.  Troy is destroyed, as we all know, and Brutus’ father escapes.  Brutus comes back later and gathers the remaining Trojans and sets off to find a new homeland.

Along the way, he battles giants and magicians, and ends up on the island of Albion, where he founds the city of London.  From here, we see the battles with the invading Saxons, who eventually force the Britons into, what is today known as, Wales.

Gascoigne shows hows the Britons resisted the new Roman Catholic Christianity in favor of their more organic and direct faith, which eventually lead to the slaughter of 1200 monks and the subjection of the Britons as a people.

The story and speculation about the first church built in England was fascinating.  There is very good historical evidence that suggests Joseph of Arimathea traveled north with a small band of followers and built it there.  There is also speculation and legend that says the apostle Paul, and perhaps even Jesus Christ Himself once visited the isle.  But, contrary to E. Raymond Capt (for instance) Gascoigne rejects the latter but admits that it’s possible that Paul could have had a third missionary journey to Britain.

There are many fascinating stories along the way, and much of this was new and inspiring for me.  His book isn’t that long, and is not filled with repetitive, mundane, or overly technical language.  If you’re interested in genealogies and ancient texts, you’d love it!

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4 Responses to Review: Forgotten History of the Western People

  1. thewhitechrist says:

    One does not ‘need’ to be a YEC to believe in the appearance of Man roughly 6-10,000 years ago. One needs merely to note that the WHITE RACE appeared then, and to understand that ‘Adam’ as it means in the Hebrew, clearly delineates that specific bipedal hominid as the ‘elect’ of God.

    Even the jewish author, Gerald Schroeder, concurs. He made this point clear in his book, ‘The Science of God.’

    To quote myself (and Schroeder) here is an insight into the very turbulent waters of the YEC crowd, that don’t need to even BE there, if they but knew who their enemy was!

    “The opening chapter of Genesis acts like the zoom lens of a camera. Day by day it focuses with increasing detail on less and less time and space. The first day of Genesis encompasses the entire universe. By the third day, only Earth is discussed. After day six, only that line of humanity leading to the patriarch Abraham is in biblical view. The Bible realizes the entire universe still exists. But its interest now rests solely on one line of humanity. This narrowing of perspective, in which each successive day presents in greater detail a smaller scope of time and space, finds a parallel in scientific notation.” [Schroeder, Gerald, “The Science of God,” Free Press/Simon and Schuster, 1997/2009, 65.]

    And, once that ‘Chosen People/Holy Nation/Holy Seed [Ez. 9:2] is named; nothing changes thereafter, not even in the New Testament. [Matt. 1:21, 10:6, etc]

    The ENTIRE BIBLE is the record of Jehovah God’s dealings with the species of hominid called “Adam” [Heb. ‘fair, ruddy, able to show blood in the face’], from Genesis 1:1 to rev. 22:21. For it is ONLY to that ‘race’ that the blessing of God is given!

    “The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen. “ [Rev. 22:21]

    For if we are honest, we cannot say that ‘you all’ means all men, when the delimiter in that sentence is that the recipients of that grace (and blessing, and salvation, etc.) are ONLY THOSE who are such as can call the ‘Lord Jesus Christ’ OUR Lord Jesus Christ, etc.”

    End paste.

    Hope this helps, enlightens, clarifies. Keep up the good work.

  2. White As A Ghost says:

    After studying the “Old Earth” uniformitarian geological claims for nearly three decades, and finding much in the way of fraud, misrepresentation, and mistaken conclusions based on faulty presuppositions, I too am in the YEC camp, Shotgun. It so parallels the “six million jews” mantra, that to see reversals of estimates of “millions of years” downgraded at the research and collegiate levels (but never at the brainwashing elementary and highschool levels!) is quite a clue that died-in-the-wool Old Earthers (from a strictly secular geological viewpoint) don’t know what they are talking about. It is disturbing to see Christians swallow uniformitarian presuppositions concerning dating, geological column theories, etc.

    • White As A Ghost says:

      A couple examples: “Living fossils” have been found from ALL TEN geological ages represented in the geological column (which was a fabrication of a lawyer and is found intact and in order NOWHERE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD). They are called “living FOSSILS” because evolutionists had previously told their congregations that the animals/plants found alive had died out “millions of years ago” and had not been found in subsequent strata of “the column,” therefore cannot exist without being labeled “LIVING FOSSIL.” The fossils found within a rock layer are dated by geologists by the rocks in that layer, and the rocks are dated by the fossils found there – a sort of circular reasoning that has no basis of external proof. (The dating methods are notoriously “pick-and-choose” and based on unproven assumption after assumption.

      If I show you a thirty-second video of the edge of a dying-out grass fire, then show you the carnage of a burned-town in the background, and say, “This grass fire is burning three inches a minute; how long did it take to burn the town?” then I am assuming a constant rate of burn. The same for erosion and change: we do not know past rates and all variables. Even Niagara Falls’ rates of erosion were documented then falsified from the last two hundred fifty years (local farmers reported a rate of many feet per year, slowing to fewer feet per year in their memory, and an evolutionist reported it as only inches per year.)

  3. Shotgun says:

    To the good Friar,

    I greatly appreciate your comments here as always and I’m humbled that you’d read my blog. I’m having internal struggles that touch on the points you bring up, and I’m not sure if I can accept the theory you present here at the moment.

    To Mr. Ghost,

    I’m proud to be in the same camp as someone like you!


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