Not Sure How to Take This…

Dear Scott,

Here is a letter that I’m writing you but you don’t know who it is that is sending you this.  For one thing I would like to tell you that you are a very handsome and attractive man and that you have gorgeous looking eyes.  Every time I see in the morning I would like to tell you that I like you a lot but I don’t want you to be offended by this and that you may be upset.  I see you every morning when you go to work.

Maybe you are wondering who sent this to you and if you want to find out who, then come down to the lobby on Friday the 27th at around 11:30 and you will see you sent this and from whom it is from.

I will send you a gift and that May God Bless you and protect where ever you may go.

Shotgun’s comments:

This note was addressed to me, and left by my door along with a box containing a bag full of cologne and other men’s products.

Now…I’m moving out of this apartment in just a few days, and so whomever left this at my door 1. Must have heard I was leaving and felt compelled to act in this way.  2.  Must either work here during the day, or work at nights because the note was left some time between 11 and 1400.  (Either that or this person works in the area and came back to the apartment during lunch to drop it off?)

The ONLY woman I see on a regular basis is one of the hispanic maintenance ladies, who looks like she’s in her late twenties, perhaps mid-thirties?  Could it be her?  Oh, I hope not.

It may be her though, because what white woman would act so forward?  So, the slight disregard (or ignorance of) social decorum, plus the bad grammar in the note (AND my last name was spelled wrong on the shipping address…), plus the fact that she’s the only one I see on a regular basis in the mornings, (and she would know that I was leaving since I’ve told the office in advance)…leads me to believe that it might be her.

This is the last thing I needed right now…but, I guess I can’t blame her…I DO have gorgeous looking eyes!

What do you guys think I should do?

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5 Responses to Not Sure How to Take This…

  1. Cart says:

    Sounds like someone hired a hit man to get you. Seriously though, I’m not sure if I’d really like that kind of thing. In the flesh it is exciting, but from an intellectual standpoint I’m not sure if its really a good idea. You’d be better off finding a girl a different way in my opinion. But that is just my take on the whole thing.

  2. White As A Ghost says:

    I’m sorry, it’s been a long day, and this probably is quite disconcerting. (I used to wear a ring when I was single so I wouldn’t be targeted like this anymore.) BUT THIS IS HILARIOUS! (Sorry, again.)

  3. Shotgun says:

    LOL…it IS hilarious isn’t it?

    And, to Cart,

    This isn’t my ideal way of meeting a wife. I’ve come up with a solution I think! I’ll be posting it on Facebook this evening and on this blog tomorrow morning!

  4. Shotgun says:

    Here’s what I posted on Facebook:

    Ok…because I’m awesome, and have gorgeous blue eyes…I have come up with a plan of action that I hope will satisfy all my points of concern.

    Plan A:

    My Secret Admirer (hereafter: SA) wishes to meet around 11:30 in the lobby. I’m going t…o sneak down around 10:30ish and plant a letter in the lobby titled in a way that hopefully SA will immediately recognize but will also deter busy-bodies from picking it up or the complex staff from throwing it away. I will partition some of my elderly friends, who are known for sitting around in the lobby during the day, to sit by and provide further protection for the note as well as provide me with information about who my SA really is!

    The note, which I’ll post on my blog soon as I write it, will postpone our meeting in exchange for a volley of letters between the two of us. If SA agrees, I hope to get a letter with her apartment number on it, so that I can leave letters for her, and we can build up a knowledge of each other that will hint at how successful any future relationship may be. (Assuming I get good intel from the elderly gentlemen positioned in the lobby!)

    Plan B:

    If I cannot get a-hold of one of my elderly friends, or if I cannot get them to agree to help me…I’ll proceed with the plan anyway, and leave the note in the lobby and hope that no one bothers it until SA reads it.

    What do you guys think?

  5. South-West says:

    Lol, So romantic!

    O love the old romantic style of communication via love letters.

    On a more serious side, I am curious as to who it could be. Really curious, if I were there I would help you find out.

    Go with Plan A but what ever you do, do not use her cologne…You will be marked if you do, it’s the same way animals mark their territory.

    Good luck, God speed and let me know if we can expect a date very soon ;-)


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