From the Soon to be, Former, Occupant of #429

To Whom it May Concern,

I greatly appreciate the anonymous letter and I’m honored that someone out there thinks kindly of me.

It’s a great comfort in life to know that not all people are bad, and not all secret thoughts are evil.

Sometimes I’m tempted to think otherwise in this city. Men and women seem to have lost all compassion and honesty is a virtue left for fairy tales.

But if ever there was something from fairy tales that is meant for real life, it is honesty.

So, I have to be honest now and admit that I’m a long way from being suited for a decent woman. I have my flaws. The weight of them keeps me from sleep some nights. But we fortunate few have a Savior who delights in taking our burdens, and is most strong when we are weakest!

I’ll take my cares and my personal dramas with me when I leave this city in a few days. I regret that you had to find out this way, but I am moving away. My apartment is to be turned over at the end of this month, and I’ll leave this town with very few good memories…some of which your anonymous letter has provided.

I hope God blesses, and protects you as well, and I would add, furthermore, that he keeps you from being burdened with guys like me in the future! ; )

In Him,

Scott Terry – the soon to be, former, occupant of # 429

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3 Responses to From the Soon to be, Former, Occupant of #429

  1. South-West says:

    Somethin’s not right here,

    What happened? She Latino? Did not show?

    I’m just like you, a lot of flaws but still no decent woman is without any flaws.

    You are a decent man and a righteous one at that.

    a Woman should thank God if she is blessed with a God fearing patriot like you.

    Let God give decent woman to those he pleases to give to and let those of us that He prefers to become Pauls be according to His will.

  2. shotgunwildatheart says:

    I didn’t want to meet the person in real life, so I decided to leave this note down in the lobby instead of going in person.

    And…what do you mean “those of us who are meant to be Pauls” ???

    Sounds like you’re certain of your own destiny!

  3. South-West says:

    Pauls in the Sense of being single and following God.
    Not sure just take it day by day, and today i’m single and following God, tomorrow? Who knows what God has in store for us but now we have to work with what we got or do you disagree?


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