Please God, Let This be the Last Exorcism

Is Hollywood serious?

Another exorcism movie?

“The Last Exorcism” hits theaters today.  I don’t plan on seeing the film, because I’ve grown tired of movies that take my mind to bad places and then leaves it there while managing to insult my religion along the way.

How many times are we going to see this same story?

Shotgun predicts the plot:

1.  Distressed, and somewhat naive, Christian parents reach out to some Roman Catholic (or equally non-theologically sound) priest for help with their demon possessed daughter.

2.  The priest is all confident and prideful, but clearly a tool…(as all Christian ministers are.)

3.  The cute little girl’s body gets all jacked around in scary, impossible ways.

4.  The priest is like…yeah, ok, she must be possessed.

5.  They do the exorcism while all sorts of spooky things take place around them.

6.  The exorcism doesn’t work, because…that would imply that the Christians actually have some power or authority on Earth, and plus, it wouldn’t be theatrically appealing.

7.  Satan wins.

The end.

Now…some of you exorcism-movie aficionados may reply that “Emily Rose” didn’t end on such a creepy, defeatist note, and so there’s nothing saying that this one will!  True I’d say, nor did “Exorcist: The Beginning” end on a defeatist, ugly note, however, the running trend is to end with some sort of cliff-hanger or open-ended conclusion where the (presumably Christian-sheeple) audience is left with the idea firmly planted in their ignorant heads that, Christ didn’t defeat Satan and demons are probably going to possess you tonight while you’re trying to drink yourself to sleep!

I guarantee it!

If Hollywood wants to make a movie that will draw in the Christian crowds, let them re-make something about knights and chivalry, bravery and heroism.  Let them do a remake of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, keeping all the Christian symbolism.

Instead, we get little girls crawling around on ceilings and having their heads twisted in all sorts of weird ways.

The power of Christ compels me not to watch this movie.

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9 Responses to Please God, Let This be the Last Exorcism

  1. White As A Ghost says:


  2. South-West says:


    Oh have you seen either Paranormal Activity or Paranormal Entity?

    I’m not sure which one of them it is and I’m not willing to go and check.

    It’s about this girl who not possessed but kind of with a demon. Her boyfriend makes her move in with her to solve the problem the priest won’t touch.

    It’s an actual video taped by the couple as progress to what happened (true story).

    I could not sleep for weeks, I would wake up praying.

    It’s not anything gory but it’s the fact that it’s real and with my experience with this kind of stuff that made it unbearable to watch.

    So if you do want to watch it, God speed and give me feed back.

    Maybe i’m just sensitive to these kinds of stuff who knows.

  3. Shotgun says:

    Yes, I did watch that, and it scared me something terrible as well!

    I kept thinking that I would wake up and see something standing by the end of my bed!

    The movie itself wasn’t that scary, but it really sparks off your imagination, and you can’t help but to have nightmares!

    Who doesn’t live in a house or apartment that is similar to that couple’s house? Everyone has a hallway, closet, a bathroom, and maybe an attic. If something that terrible can happen to them, then it could happen to any one of us! (Or, that’s what my imagination started telling me later on that evening!)

  4. South-West says:

    Yeah so true but I convince myself or feel that if I am in Christ this entities or demons can’t touch me, by just saying Gods name they will scatter.

  5. shotgunwildatheart says:

    lol…yeah…I thought something very similar, but when you’re shivering and scared out of your wits at 0100 in the morning, that sort of thing only works so much…

    Movies that have caused me to lose sleep:

    Blair Witch Project (go ahead and laugh…)

    Exorcism of Emily Rose

    Exorcist: The Beginning

    Paranormal Activity

  6. South-West says:

    Why would I laugh I’m pathetic when it comes to the abnormal.

    The series of The Shining not the movie with Jack Nicholson but the Series with Webster I think.

    Any movie with Flying tables and tv’s turning themselves on.

    Oh and when I was small the movie IT, now that scarred me for life, yes I will admit it I am terrified of Clowns, there should be a law against clowns coming near kids.

    Those movies freaked me out as well not so much Blair Witch I was way to busy with the motion sickness I developed during the movie.

    If you wanna give me a ghost movie to watch give me the movie “Ghost” with Demi Moore. (I only watch it because of her ;-)

  7. Ali says:

    I loved reading this!! When I saw a preview for the movie, I said the same thing, “Another one? Really? They’re all the same!” Anyways, loved the post :)

  8. Shotgun says:

    You know…I have to admit…that after all this fan-fare, I do kind of want to see it…


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