How Many People Were at the Beck Rally?

Because there will likely be controversy over how many people were at the Beck rally, I will provide my estimation:

Calculate the distance (in feet) from the Washington Monument to the Stincoln Memorial…(I mean, Lincoln,) and then calculate the width, and determine how many square footage that is…then add about 100,000 to the number.  That entire space was literally packed, with mass spillage out both sides.

Let’s say, .5 of a mile from WM to LM. That’s 2640 ft. Let’s just say, 1000ft. wide. Square footage = 2640000. + the 100,000 that was likely milling about at the edges: 2,740,000.

Now, let’s subtract the area of the reflecting pool.

Let’s say it’s 100 x 1000 ft. So Area: 100,000.

Subtract that from the total and we get = 2,640,000

For accuracies sake, since that entire block wasn’t populated by a person for ever square foot…I’ll take off another 100,000 just to be safe.

So, Shotgun’s estimate for the number of people there, is 2,540,000.

I’ll round down and officially tell everyone that I think “about 2 million people were there.

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2 Responses to How Many People Were at the Beck Rally?

  1. South-West says:

    What’s this rally about, Scott?

    2 million people at one rally? That’s the amount of people we have in our whole country.

  2. Shotgun says:

    On second though, maybe there weren’t that many people there… ;)

    I kind of got caught up in the moment.


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