An Outline of Sanity

Never before have I read an essay that more clearly defines the root problem of contemporary society than when I read the preface to the latest edition of Chesterton’s “The Outline of Sanity,” written by IHS press.

The sane people of Christendom have all sorts of pet issues they attribute to the emergence of our contemporary setting.  For some, it’s the destruction of the family.  For others, it’s the onslaught of feminism.  For yet others, it’s the acceptance of race-mixing, or the control of Jewish influences over our media and economy.

These are the clicks, jerks, and drool of an insane society.  Does a schizo accuse his voices of causing schizophrenia?  (If he does, it’s because he’s crazy).  No, the voices are a symptom of sickness like race-mixing and the destruction of the family are symptoms of a deeper disease.

And like watching a loved one slowly creep into dementia, sane Christians have watched the entire European world slip into an insane and nightmarish Hell where men and women are seen as equals, the family a proposition, and blood ties are abhorred because of make believe sins.

That there is a new order to the world cannot be denied.  Now that the lines are clearly established between new and old, it is easier to look back and diagnose the problems and study the changes in hopes of establishing a new, new world order!

That’s what Chesterton’s book is about, really.  A new way of doing what our Christian ancestors took for granted.  A self-conscious return to an old European, agrarian order, where the trustee family controls the assets of a people and wealth is evenly distributed across the land.

Today, we have all the wealth of the world sifting and sliding into the hands of a small number of elite “capitalists” who live like gods while the rest of us are given an appearance of wealth (at least, some of us are) and freedom.  But the freedom we’re allowed is no real freedom and even that illusion is slipping away.

Families are nothing more than a group of friends living together for mutual benefit.  The differences between men and women are considered of no-effect and to mention them is taboo.  All races of men are equal and the ultimate sin is to claim they are different, or that the white European has some right to exist!  (In fact, the veneration of the negro has become a religion!)

People live in little concrete apartments, stacked on top of one another, with their televisions and internet.  They have no idea who their neighbors are.  They order cardboard food that comes in cardboard boxes and many haven’t seen the sun rise in years!

They live, move, and have their being in the state!  The only distinction among men is between the state and the individual!  That is the new “creator / creature” distinction, for it is by the kindness of the state that we are fed (thank you Uncle Sam for our daily bread!  Ahhh Men!)

But, the IHS Press, building on Chesterton, contrasts this new world order and an agrarian, Christian order:

The Servile State in Agriculture means agri-business and chemical farming.  The Distributist State in Agriculture means small farms and organic techniques.

The Servile State in Commerce means chain stores, poor quality and appalling service.  The Distributist State in Commerce means myriads of small shops, handcrafted quality and the personal touch.

The Servile State in Social Development means huge, sprawling cities and urban deprivation.  The Distributist State in Social Development means the primacy of the countryside and an unparallelled richness of life.

The Servile State in Culture means an imposed artificiality, transient fashions, Hollywood and pop icons.  The Distributist State in Culture means meritocracy, real art, folk music, serious literature and good beer.

The Servile State in the Family means few children, no children, free unions and unnatural unions.  The Distributist State in the Family means hordes of children and the centrality of Sacramental Marriage.

The Servile State in Philosophy means the validity of each and every opinion, and the superiority of the “here and now.”  The Distributist State in Philosophy means Truth, perspective and proportion, and looking towards Eternity.

The Servile State on Man is his promotion as an Individual, evermore aggressive and animalistic.  The Distributist State on Man is his promotion as a personality, evermore co-operative, evermore Christ-like.

The “problem” that spawns all the other problems is the wholesale acceptance, by Europeans, of a new religion.  A religion of progress and intellect.

This new religion was ripe for things like Darwinism, Feminism, Marxism, (and all the other horrible “isms” that we’re afflicted with) and left no room for fairy tales, or the God of miracles believed in by our ancestors.  This is the sort of Satanic world order that demons have wet-dreams about — and all the while, deluded (and quite gnostic) “Christians” enthusiastically cry out for God to “bless America!”

Our religion is one of progress, and our sacraments include eating the body and blood of the negro to atone for the white sins of the white past!  (Of course, neither Chesterton nor IHS press would likely admit anything of the sort in public.)

We have to fight to establish a new, new world order.  One that includes a fair and even distribution of wealth among Biblical trustee families — and only then will we return to sanity.

Thank you God for giving us G. K. Chesterton who provided an outline for how all this might be accomplished.

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2 Responses to An Outline of Sanity

  1. thewhitechrist says:

    Distributivism was THE great social plan that Chesterton and Belloc gave to the West, even as Catholi-schism was beginning to self-destruct. The ‘Priestly vows against Modernism’ were already being tested by Teilhard de Chardin during the same generation. If Rome had had the ‘cojones’ to do what she should have done, it was he who should have been defrocked and laicized, as a warning to ‘progressive clergy,’ before the Second World War prepared the world for rule by the Deicides.

    Excellent post, BTW.
    – Fr. John+

  2. shotgunwildatheart says:

    Well, I stand semi-corrected. I claimed that it was unlikely Chesterton would speak so frankly about the negro or the racial climate of modern European countries, and yet, in the latest Spirit / Water / Blood post, he is cited as doing just that!

    My apologies for under-estimating Chesterton! I cannot speak highly enough of the man (and I’m not even Roman Catholic!)

    And, thanks Fr. John for the kind words.


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