Rosetta Stone is Great

About two years ago I purchased the German Level 1 Rosetta Stone software.

It was an incredible program with only one draw-back:  you have to actually use it for it to work.

I diligently applied myself to learning Deutsche (German) for a few weeks until, inevitably, my interest waned and I moved on to other projects.  The program sat under my desk for the next two years, feeling neglected (vernachlassigt).

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, life has forced me to move back into my childhood home and I’ve been spending a lot of time with my father, who interestingly enough, spent a few weeks over in Germany when he was younger and always spoke highly of his experience.  My grandfather (on dad’s side) also spent time in Germany, albeit under less than congenial circumstances.   We grew up hearing about adventures in Germany during the War and Pop always spoke very highly of his German enemies and their ingenuity.

With little urging on my part, I convinced my father to learn the language with me.  So I pulled out the old Rosetta Stone box, blew the dust off of it and prepared to re-install it into my computer.

The only problem was, the glue in the CD packaging had deteriorated and coated the back of the disk rendering it useless.

I called Rosetta Stone customer service and stayed on the phone over an hour with a very polite tech-assistant who sounded like she was from Guam, Thailand or some other Asian-pacific locale.   We worked through every possible angle and diagnosed every possible problem that could be affecting my installation.

Finally, she conceded that my CD was indeed worthless and after a quick transfer to the Customer Service guys, I was informed that a new set of disks were in the mail.

They arrived two days later and installed flawlessly.

So, Prost!  Zum Wohl Rosetta Stone!  May your stock forever increase!

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