Hope in the Darkness

Dear Friend,

Genuine cultural expression of a Christian people is sometimes mitigated by harrowing circumstances (like a bad economy or depressing political situations.)  In troubled times, some are tempted to turn away from cherished traditions.

But despite the general pessimism that characterizes contemporary society, you have decorated your house with enthusiasm and a pride in something that cannot be seen, touched, tasted, or spent.

You have peered through the dark times and seen, shining behind them, the Christmas spirit!  This has inspired you to decorate your house with excellent lights and greenery above and beyond the efforts of your neighbors.

For this, I am very grateful and wish to thank you kindly for lighting up the darkness with your decorations.  The spreading darkness can be turned back if we only trust to the traditions of our fathers and faithfully light up the night with our love for the cherished Christmas season.

May the echoes of the Christ-child, and all the good news that comes from His wonderful cry, reach you and yours.

Merry Christmas


His faithful servant,  St. Nick

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