Shotgun’s 10 Headlines for 2011:

1:  “American job statistics unavailable due to cuts in funding and loss of manpower.”

2:  “Hospital:  Coretta Scott King suffered from bad dreams.”

3.  “TSA security points are installed at the White House and the Capitol Building.”

4.  “Michael Moore shoots home invaders, claims self-defense.”

5.  “Tim LaHaye accidentally left behind on senior tour bus.”

6.  “Homeless men use dollar bills to start barrel-fires and keep warm.”

7.  “Arizona passes immigration legislation to halt the flow of white liberals from California.”

8.  “FDA outraged at having nothing but MONSANTO food served in the cafeteria!”

9.  “From CPAC:  Huckabee unsuccessful at giving speech while Ron Paul rally takes place next door.”

10:  “Pelosi:  Headlines no longer needed, “You have to buy the paper to find out what the articles are all about.”

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