A Shock of Faith

Something is knocking,
Outside my window, it’s calling,
It’s scratching and pawing,
Though it barks without falling…(I’m on the second floor.)

I pretend not to listen,
Claim I can’t hear,
The horror is knocking!
I tremble in fear…(My window is rattling.)

Panicking, I think of my doom,
Why am I so great?
that terror from Hell should find me soon,
…and drag me to an unknown fate…(Why me? Why me?)

I’ll call out to God to rescind this spirit
A lesson of Faith if my soul would hear it,
No other time is my heart so beating,
To soak me alive in fear so exceeding…(If only the morning would come!)

But then the siege ends and my heart delights,
My window is whole, the locks held tight!
…while two angels high-five,
and fly into the night…(Be careful what you pray for.)

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