Will I Ever Know You?

Before the mountains met their roots
In the womb of God’s great sea
And the birds in flight had yet to light
Upon the gnarled tree,

Long before the mighty pillars
so strong and true were laid
and the moon was set into the loom
that weaves a starry palisade

Long before the angelic host
first gained their wings and songs
and with shouts of glee, ran their spree
All through Heaven’s Halls

Long before the joy of light
had dawned upon the shade
when Earth was fell and in darkness dwelled
with no hope of accolade.

It was then that I first saw you
and looked upon your face
But did I know, within your glow
Lay the tithing of a race?

Is God so different from you and I
that he has no passing dreams?
Can clever smiles, possess me while
being less than what they seem?

We let-go our hands before the world
And passing it from shade
I found you again, (with your winsome grin)
though you’re different now you’re made.

With flesh comes all the dressings
of dross and drudgery and dread
though joy comes too, with thoughts of you
while down this path we tread.

As minutes chase themselves
Back and forth upon my brow
and seconds race across my face
I see you different now.

Every moment brings along
Something new to see
There’s more to you than ever I knew
I burn with curiosity.

I want to know you as you are!
To exhaust all my wonder!
When every inch of you, I experience too,
Only then my lust will slumber!

But God looks kindly on His creatures,
and when all our years are through
when seconds are eased and time appeased
Still I wonder:  Will I ever know you?

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