The Gay Problem

The flaw in the ideological position of the American sodomite (and the homosexual lobby in general) is that they’ve conceded the idea that sexual inclinations are either one way or the other.  A person is either attracted to the same sex, or they are attracted to the opposite sex, and in some rare cases, there may be individuals attracted to both.

But, in all cases, a person’s sexual preferences are fatally determined by genetics or other biological factors (so they’ll say.)

In this way, they hope to ring in a new sexual utopia in America by skirting Christian arguments.  If humans are born with this or that sexual preference, then God certainly can’t hold them responsible for it, after all!  So it’s of the greatest importance for the homosexual lobby to place sexual preferences in the realm of deterministic nature, because that counters any claims the Christian might make as to its moral legitimacy.

But the homosexual lobby will soon figure out how American Christians operate and change their tune.

Overseas, in Switzerland, a nation where Christianity is all but dead, the homosexual lobby has taken a different, and more logical position, one which brings together radical feminism with homosexuality and a general death of all things Christian:

The episode was a wake-up call for me … What does a gender science look like? [You hear the] gender mantra “sex is a social construct”. You also come across the ideas that “everyone is really bisexual, but are socialised into a polarised sexuality” and “heterosexuality is a manifestation of the patriarchal power structure”. Hmm, interesting hypotheses. I immediately think that they are easily testable by studying groups with nearly the same biology that we have … Namely the other mammals.

Sexual preferences, in the end, are NOT biologically determined, (say the Swedes) but rather, are determined by the mean ol Christian social constructs that all Europeans have lived and moved in for centuries.  We’re all bisexuals, you see.  Who we have sex with, were we functioning normally, without all those nasty Christian constructs, would be completely up to us; a free choice with no biological compulsions one way or the other.

Does any of this sound familiar?

“Sex doesn’t exist, it’s just a social construct, we’re all humans” ?

Well, it’s the exact same rhetoric and ideology that gives power to the whole “civil-rights” movement here in America.

“Race doesn’t exist, it’s just a social construct, we’re all humans!”

American Christians have been so emasculated by this sort of argument, … so utterly trounced … that they would have no ideological leg to stand on should the homosexual lobby here take up the same arguments as the Swedes.

It’s the underlying Christian structure of society that these Satanists hate.  Faggotry, Race-mixing, abortions, socialism, and ALL the other “isms” that we despise ALL share, as their fundamental driving force, this hate for the Christian social order of Old Europe.

They hate the “family” because “family” is a barrier to their ideal society…they hate traditional roles for men and women, they hate class distinctions and aristocracy, they hate the very DNA we’re all made of!!!  DNA itself is a tie to the material world and acts as a barrier to their evil quest for god-hood!

The dream of our enemy is complete sovereignty over nature!

How can the Christian fight this sort of idea?  What are the come backs?

Well, I would like to encourage you, if you’re reading this and you’re a Christian who is still stuck in the old paradigm of thought and, when confronted with a homosexual, your first inclination is to prove to him that his particular sin is a lifestyle choice…to give up that sort of argument and instead, argue in favor of the very foundation of Western culture.

God set up the family-unit in a particular way…He determines the roles of men and the roles of women and when we step outside those roles, we’re in sin.  He determines the authority of a father and that of a mother.  He sets all things in their place and all men in their position in society.  It’s by His grace that we advance in class.  Of course, you’ll also have to end up admitting the same things of race and racial distinctions in society.

The brass-tacks of the matter:  You HAVE to STOP letting yourself be taken in by these sorts of neo-Marxist, evil arguments.  You simply MUST reject politically-correct ideology and embrace the old Christian order.

We’re here waiting for you, with our arms outstretched…

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4 Responses to The Gay Problem

  1. Faust says:

    You are very right. As a number of other people have stated; the race queers and the sex queers are part of the same problem-two heads of the same beast. As SWB said: “We represent the Christians of the world who refuse to allow their people to be destroyed and their faith to be hijacked by race queers and sex queers. We call our brothers and sisters in blood to return to the faith of our fathers and rebuild Western civilization.”

  2. Ben says:

    I disagree with your point that we’re “all bisexual” and I’m a little put off by the post title of the gay “problem.” I had difficulty determining in your writing if you’re referring to the perspective differences you noted, or homosexuality itself. Your argument became fundamentally flawed the moment you started to analyze it under a political lens. God doesn’t take part in politics, lobbies, or Neo-Marxism. The Christian order of Old Europe is dead–in America especially. The very reason this country was founded was to escape the tyranny it imposed on Christians. I really don’t think this post has much of a leg to stand on.

    • shotgunwildatheart says:

      Thanks for your contribution Ben,

      “I disagree with your point that we’re all bisexual…”

      That’s emphatically *not* my point…it’s the point of the Swedish homosexual lobby. I’m the Christian here who says that the Godly male (and female) archetype involves a strong sexual attraction to the opposite sex.

      “I had difficulty determining…if you’re referring to the perspective differences…or homosexuality itself…”

      I’m not sure what you mean by this and so, until you can clarify it further I wont comment.

      “Your argument became fundamentally flawed….[because]…God doesn’t take part in politics, et. al.”

      By “fundamentally flawed” I take you to mean something along the lines of: my argument is based on fallacious premises, namely the premise that God “takes part in” politics and other aspects of modernism.

      By implication, you must believe that He does not “take part in” those things…in which case, you must believe in a God that is removed from the operations of Creation. (I’m not exactly sure what you mean by “take part in” …so, I can’t really deconstruct your criticism.)

      Suffice it to say that I strongly disagree with you, if you mean to imply that there are some areas of life over which God is not sovereign or in full control, or that there are some areas of life over which God’s moral decrees are not applicable.

      The Christian order of our antique-European forefathers may be all but dead (especially in America) but that certainly doesn’t mean that it *should* be dead!

      You need to provide reasons why it should stay buried. You need to provide reasons why we should prefer infant slaughter houses, sex clubs that litter down-town areas, disgusting humanistic indoctrination centers (also known as public-schools), or the myriad of other evils in our modern age, to the Europe of Jane Austen and Charles Dickens.

      Just know in advance that, after studying the various arguments toward that end, I see no reason why I should prefer modern-day Satania.

      You can keep it.

  3. The culprit is the usual suspect – moral relativism. But you’ve got to have a strong method of delivery to drive home the point.

    My reply to the issue of homosexual rights, especially marriage is to say (or reply via the internet):

    “I favor the Overton Window method of politicking; I’m not only against homosexual marriage, I’m also against interracial marriage.”


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