The French Revolution Comes to My Hometown! (In a manner of speaking)

When I received the local newspaper and read the following headline:

“Rotary Club Remains Womanless:  void raises credibility questions”

…I knew I had to respond.  I wouldn’t be able to resist! 

Rotary International is broken down into local districts with a director over each.  A new district director was recently elected for our district.  Yes, a black man named Gregg Browning now holds the reins, and the first thing he was compelled to do was bring equality and diversity to all the unyielding, good-ol-boy social clubs littered throughout the district.

The Rotary club in my town has managed to defy Supreme Court ruling and bar all women from membership (as of now.)  So this naturally drew Browning’s attention.  In proving its case against the Rotarians, the article cites sources who wish to remain anonymous for fear of “retribution.”  What sort of “retribution” they feared was never mentioned.  I can only assume, they’re  afraid for their lives!

The following satire was the result of my angst.  The paper published it as a letter to the editor!

Dear Editor,

Lest anyone make light of the anonymous sources in last week’s article (concerning the womanless Rotary Club) I should point out that the Rotarians are known for their assassination plots. These sources were wise to keep their names undisclosed. Readers who disagree with Rotary Club decisions are obliged to take similar precautions!

I would also urge them not to give up hope. With men like Rotarian District Governor Gregg Browning at the helm, all will soon be well!

Oh yes, the French Revolution is coming to — NC (whenever Mr. Browning can be bothered to visit.) He will hunt down the last of — society and trample it out like an egalitarian boot into a serene, nostalgic puddle, all while carrying a flag with the words: “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” proudly displayed.

And unless we forget, the article (written by Mr. Starnes) informs us of other civic organizations that have failed to yield to contemporary whims and are in need of heroes like Mr. Browning! Though, a word of caution to the would-be “champion of equality“: beware the Optimist Club Killers! They’re just as crafty as the assassins employed by Rotarians!

I’m also sad to report that Mr. Starnes hasn’t been as diligent in his investigation as I have! I’ve found yet another organization in — that retains unjust discriminatory policies! My sources inform me (and I know for a fact that this is more than rumor) that our very own — high school requires female students use separate restrooms than the males!

Neither Mr. Browning nor I (nor indeed, any enlightened individual who has a proper disdain for the Christian society of his ancestors) can allow this sort of thing to continue!

I demand to see a similar article in next week’s paper calling the credibility of (the highschool) into question and beyond that, I’d like to see the town erect a guillotine on the courthouse lawn in honor of Mr. Browning and the future he has in store for us!

From Shotgun,

…who only wishes to put “service” to Mr. Browning’s utopia above “self,“ which is the agenda of any true Rotarian!

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2 Responses to The French Revolution Comes to My Hometown! (In a manner of speaking)

  1. thewhitechrist says:

    I read this and at the bottom noted the link ‘Chowan Commentary.’
    I interviewed for a job at the local private college in your town, and was shot down in my application for the academic position by the THEOLOGY professor, who was more liberal than most UCC Pastors, in that he was pro-gay, pro-women, and pro-multiculti. It was not my talents that were on display in my chosen discipline, but my THEOLOGY (at a “Christian” college) that was ‘suspect,’ because it was orthodox, patriarchal, and heterosexual, as it were. DO you know whom I a referring to? It’s a small world… right next to the Great Dismal Swamp. lol

  2. Shotgun says:

    I only know of one such college…a good friend of mine built the new library and chapel hall for them.

    I frequent the library often to do research for my various apologetic efforts.

    My mom graduated from there.

    I had no idea there was someone there like you mention, but it wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

    Sorry that happened to you, this is a wonderful area and I’d have had someone to talk to!


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