Transcendent Man

I just watched a very infuriating documentary outlining the thought of scientist Ray Kurzweil.  (“Transcendent Man” can be watched on Netflix.)

Kurzweil is known for creating things like the flatbed scanner and portable reading devices for the blind. He proposes that in 40 years (there-bouts) humans will have the ability to live forever, bring back the dead, and have near omniscience and omnipotence.  (Kurzweil’s life-long task is to resurrect his father, as well as achieve immortality for himself.)

This will be accomplished by reducing everything to base information and using nano-tech, bio-tech and robotics (AI) to enhance our lives.

Does God exist? “Not yet” says Kurzweil.

As I watched the documentary, I was reminded of John Ruskin’s words:

“We must either make a tool of the creature or a man of him. You cannot make both!”

Humanists, despite the ruse of holiness, despise humanity. They want to destroy themselves and literally (not just figuratively or legally or poetically) de-throne God and take His place.

For anyone who couldn’t tell it from his picture (or last name), Kurzweil is jewish.  I’ll have to discuss the overwhelming jewish influence in various trans-humanist, occult and other similar movements some other time.

For now, I’ll point out that many great thinkers see trans-huamanism as a profound evil.

Rushdoony talks about it often. Men are literally trying to become sovereign, says Rush. He often alludes to Orwell who foresaw the attempt of man to become sovereign, even over nature. (There were microphones in the woods!)

Michael Hoffman realizes this. He begins his book “Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare” with a discussion of “pig-men” and other human-man hybrids, with an eye for how disgusting and tragic it all is. Men are trying to turn themselves into gods, but they’re turning themselves into inhuman monsters! (I like Hoffman’s imagery!)

Wendell Berry and the Southern Agrarians (among whom I consider Richard Weaver) see this, though in mitigated forms. When Kurzweil talks about “reducing everything to information” Berry or the Agrarians may talk about “industrialization” … but in the end, it’s the same concept. (Couple this theme with Berry’s idea of “propriety” and it all clicks into place.)

Self-conscious Agrarians (white, Christian, rural farm-folk) are the biggest enemy of the trans-humanist.

Unfortunately, contemporary Christendom cannot see the harm in transhumanism. Dr. Bahnsen (a scholar that I owe so much to) himself was an avid defender of supplementing the human body. (He often alluded to the fact that he had pig-parts in his heart as a way to show his solidarity with the ideas and defends genetic manipulation and other forms of bio-technologies. See here.)

When men can no longer defend their race, they’ll not be able to defend their own genes.

If we’ve lost the will to ideologically defend white-folk, then we will not have the will to defend human-folk either!

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7 Responses to Transcendent Man

  1. bret says:

    C. S. Lewis also made mention of the danger of turning men into tools somewhere in his writings.

    Good piece Scott.

    been missing you around

  2. ~MaryBeth~ says:

    Hey, Shotgun. Since you have left Facebook, you now need to update this site. We need some proof of your existence.
    Hope all is well!!

  3. shotgunwildatheart says:

    Thanks for the kind words @ Pastor Bret.

    To Mary Beth…

    I’m working on a few things, including an article on why I left Facebook. (This blog is in need of a major facelift anyway.)

  4. ~MaryBeth~ says:

    I shall be looking forward to that article. Been thinking about deleting my account as well, but still have not decided. This might be the push off the tip of the iceburg.

    • Faust says:

      You should probably keep your account to keep it contact with your siblings, just trim your friends list down, and don’t spend too much time on FB.

  5. “Shotgun”

    It is great to see someone calling out the trans-humanists. Good job!

    I want to say that, while a lot of people are looking forward to ending their own mortality, even they know that the chances are slim for it to be a long-term sustainable affair – even if they break free from aging!

    Again, thanks for writing.

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