Little Girl Lost

Lost in desert wild
Is your little child…

Early last year I stopped at a hole-in-the-wall gas-station on the outskirts of Washington North Carolina — a small town in the middle of the eastern part of the state.

A beautiful young blond assisted me at the register.  She must have been about sixteen, had bright blue eyes and a southern accent that melted my heart.

Hovering near at hand (with lust in their eyes) was an assortment of large negros.  One must have been six-five and weighed close to four-hundred pounds.  He was wearing an apron and I assumed he worked at the grill.  Another of the negros was dressed as if he too worked at the store.  The third I took for a lackey, hanging out with his pals.

Presiding over them was an old white woman with a raspy, ciggarette-ruined voice.  She was overweight and smelled so strong, I could distinguish her from the cloud of afro-sheen.   To add to her villany, she was flirting with the negros — touching their arms, giggling at inappropriate moments and displaying a disregard for all the propriety a white lady (in her late fifties) should observe.

My heart went out to the poor girl at the register.  I’ve mentioned her to some of my friends and they’ve accused me of having inappropriate sexual feelings for the girl (jokingly, of course — though I didn’t think very highly of the joke.)

No, my attraction isn’t depraved or sinful; I believe my concern for the girl arises from a heart that’s still pumping (even if weakly, at times.)  This poor girl has no chance in the world unless God rains down a miracle.

After repeated visits to the store, I found out that the old woman was the girl’s grandmother.  Despite her flirtation with the negros, she had shacked up with some low-class red-neck who carried on a conversation with me once, while I was pumping gas.

“The owner of this store done tryin’ ta screw us over, my girl-fren n’ me!” he declared, referring to the old woman as his girl-friend.

Apparently, honest work was below this man and he displayed an unfortunate belief in the class-theory of Marxism.  The evil coporations were taking undue advantage of him and his girlfriend.”

I can only guess what this poor girl’s homelife is like and after talking with her grandmother’s live-in boyfriend, I was all the more convinced that I should do something — interject myself into the girl’s life somehow…

…but what to do?

I don’t live near Washington NC and so I can’t be a regular part of her life.  I don’t have enough money to hire her or create a new life for her somewhere else (and even if I did, I’m not convinced that would be healthy.  It seems a little presumptuous.)  Sharing the Gospel with her would be all but worthless since she’s likely so biased about Christianity that it would take years of teaching to help her see the true state of theology, the world and her situation in it.

So, what to do?

I decided awhile back that I’d give her a copy of Sheridan Le Fanu’s “Uncle Silas” and address it to her from an “anonymous benefactor who has a special interest in your well-being and wishes to see your life resolve itself into a happy set of circumstances, just like the heroine in this novel.”

But, over the months other things came up and I forgot about all this.  Even when I thought about it from time to time, I wasn’t convinced it would be the best course of action.

Today, I happened through Washington NC again and stopped at the store to check in on her.

The beautiful blond-haired, blue-eyed girl, had her hair up in some style that is popular among negresses.  Her lip was pierced in a gaudy and unappealing fashion and her fingernails were covered in large, brightly-colored fake-nails (also popular among the negresses.)

I talked with her a little more and heard subtle (though sinister) hints of afro-slang in her vocabulary.

The rage I have towards Satan on behalf of this girl is unspeakable.  Something has to be done.

And I feel like a helpless observer.

So, please tell me, ye educated bloggers (and even ye uneducated who, nevertheless, have beating-hearts)…

What should I do?

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15 Responses to Little Girl Lost

  1. This poor child has been influenced beyond your control. As I’ve learned recently, young women change their minds on things most important so often that you wouldnt be able to plan your day around it. My, unlearned, suggestion: pray for her.

  2. Faust says:

    I recall you told me that story a while back, so sad, one wishes we could rescue them somehow…. I have seen similar things sadly. It is just so sad and sickening to helplessly watch this kind of thing go on all around us.

  3. SoC ” “….Or maybe you can go ahead and do what you first intended, with a brief idea of the story you presented here. Let her know that you care about her and her soul.

    • Faust says:

      Miss Liberty, A hard and very often discouraging task… trying to be a positive influence on the people around us, but try we must…

    • Faust says:

      Miss Liberty, Well yes, true the action itself is not that hard. Kindness and kind words are free and can be so valuable to the people they are directed towards. The hard part is when they fall on deaf ears… that is the discouraging part. And often people don’t like their poor choices pointed out to them even when done privately in the kindest manner possible. But yes being a positive influence on someone is rewarding. Me, shotgun, and MB have gone into topics somewhat related to such in past discussions. God Bless.

      • ~Amber~MB~ says:

        Scott and Faust, I have a question for you both. How many people were sent to jail or stoned in the Bible for pointing out the truth to people?? It followed God’s plan and will for their lives, and people around them benefited from it. A lot of times when we stand up for what is right to leave a lasting impression on someone, or to help someone see clearly, or to witness to them, it doesn’t always turn out the way we plan it. The person we meant to witness to rejected you, but how many others heard and listened??

        There may be someone else in the gas station who needs to hear the Gospel that is listening to what you’re doing and God is using you to witness to them. I’ve been convicted a lot lately that I ignore the promptings of the Holy Spirit when He tells me to do something in His name, because I am not sure how they will react. I say that if you feel God leading you to say something, say something.

        I’ve had a few guys come up to me in the middle of a store saying: “It’s refreshing to see a young lady that hasn’t dyed their hair an unnatural color, inked up their skin, have many piercings beyond belief, and worn their clothes like a whore. Don’t ever change from that.”
        I must say it was encouraging that someone who had no clue who I was say that to me. And a lot of the time, that’s all it takes even to an unbeliever… I know, I’ve said it to others.

    • Faust says:

      Amber, I am not sure, but yes sometimes it is hard to tell when one has positive influence on someone. Sometimes kindness or good examples from the past will lead to an epiphany sometime in the future. As the old saying, “a good example is the best sermon” comes to mind. I am inspired by seeing goodness and people living virtuous lives.

  4. Joshua says:

    Being somewhat close in age to that group so to speak, I will have to give you several warnings. The modern teenage white girl is a very fickle creature with a lot of bad role models and a horribly twisted worldview imparted to her by popular culture and the school system. Mostly their lives consist of movies, malls and bad romance novels. Given that this is the world that they live in and their natural emotional state has been twisted, this pretty clearly precludes the idea of a serious discussion with the object of changing her mind. The rate of teenage sexuality that goes on would indicate that a pretty girl who looks whorish has likely been caught in that trap. The other thing is that if she has taken that current mentality and decided that to date/get knocked up by black guys makes her a superhero, than it will be extremely hard to overcome that barrier. Given the description of her grandmother, we can only assume that her family fully buys into liberal propaganda in all of its manifestations. Perhaps she also lacks a masculine character in her family to compound these issues?

    I feel sorry for them when I see them, however the majority are simply beyond our ability to reach them. It is extremely hard to awaken modern day men to this issue and teenage girls would a challenge.

    All of that aside, while I don’t know that a novel will work, I don’t see how it could hurt. One never knows how divine providence could make use of such a thing to awaken something within. You could also consider leaving her your email address in the book if you are really committed to this course of action in case you do manage to awaken something. Incidentally the whole modern horror at older men being attracted to younger women is feminist generated propaganda which is way out of line with the historical view on the topic before the 1950’s, so your friends are getting a bit PC on you.

    • Shotgun says:


      I think we need to bus you down here to NC!

      And, it’s my opinion that God made women so that men would be constantly amused for all eternity. lol

    • ~Amber~MB~ says:

      “I feel sorry for them when I see them, however the majority are simply beyond our ability to reach them. . ”

      Dear Sir,
      Does this mean we should not try?? If it were up to me, none of my family would be lost. But its not. The only thing I can do, is pray for them, witness to them, and try to be a good example. WE cannot force someone to see the truth, but it is God who reveals it to them. And we honestly don’t know if God is going to save them or not. It could be that God is using you to get their attention for someone else to witness to their exact needs. Most of the girls I know that look tough and heartless are the ones who have been hurt in the bast, and it only takes a little bit for them to smile and have a wonderful fun day without their ‘friends’ getting them into trouble which they say that they do it because they have nothing else to do. All that I have talked to, the ‘good’ kids won’t have anything to do with them. How would their lives change if only someone would stand up for them??
      Words for thought.

  5. Lynda says:

    A racially aware White Man is needed who is looking for a clueless young White Woman to rescue. I have no idea how this can work. This belongs to the mens’ mysteries. I do know that it can work.

    White men are not as clueless as the women. And given Divine help, they can succeed with them.

    An age gap should not be not a big deal. Young women in their late teens / early twenties can be very happy with men who are 30 something. The men her own age do not understand the problems of the White race – they are probably still acting out.

    These young women can be 20 going on 60, totally guilted and running on empty in terms of life’s possibilities. An upbringing bereft of support, white blight, low self esteem (especially for women) and twelve years of edjewmacation will do that to a person.

    But someone who is living on the high road marked out by Christ can be strong, adventurous and creative in their life at any age.

    Racially aware White Men are the only force I know capable of getting through to these young women. And they are whacked – I’ll give you that.

    Just to make life interesting there is arrayed against the course of true love a hedge of lies, vanities, racial hate – of the jew and the black, social engineers, liberals and the power of Hell.

    This is nothing that Mr Right can not handle if he can present himself to the young white beauty as a man of intrigue, courtesy and interest in command of life possibilities that he and she … might venture to create. I do not presume to define the possibilities of Right – as in courtship (purpose marriage), assistance as from an older kinsman, pastoral.

    “The rage I have towards Satan on behalf of this girl is unspeakable.”

    The holy angels fight on your side. Go for it.

    • Shotgun says:

      If I only knew what to do, I wouldn’t leave much work for the angels.

      I love this line:

      “…someone who is living on the high road marked out by Christ can be strong, adventurous and creative in their life at any age.”



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