Black Men Can’t Jump! (Say Whaa?)

As a kinist (that is: as a racially self-conscious white man who advocates for a form of Biblical ethnic-nationalism), I like staying on the forefront of arguments against my position offered by various journalists, scholars, scientists and thinkers of all sort.

Of course, they rarely attack my actual position.  Usually it’s some straw-man or other in the cross-hairs.  (My ideological ilk aren’t important enough to warrant a mention.)  One of the biggest arguments I hear (and I hear it constantly) is that “race” doesn’t exist.  Presumably, the person making this argument supposes that if “race” doesn’t exist, then my position (as a racial-nationalist) is nonsensical.

Guy P. Harrison argues this way in his book “Race and Reality.”

Suffering through Harrison’s radical egalitarianism was almost too much to bear, but then I got to chapter four.  He called it:  “Black Men Can’t Jump.”   Surprisingly, Harrison documents the general trend of white-dominance in the sport of high-jumping.  He goes on to detail the average trend of white dominance in many sporting events, like power-lifting.

In the end, he explains away the facts by appealing to white cultural dominance — the poor negros haven’t had great opportunities like evil, establishment WASPS have had, so of course they haven’t been able to perform as well.

That (frankly ridiculous) argument aside (I may address it in a future blog), I’d like to quote (extensively) from chapter 4 of Harrison’s book.

Despite the popular myths about black physical superiority, the facts, it seems, suggest otherwise.

“Here’s something interesting about race and sports that you may not be aware of:  black men can’t jump.  That’s right:  when it comes to leaping ability, black people are positively lead footed compared to white people…Proof of this can be found in the objective results of international sports competitions.  If one wants to determine who the best jumpers are, where better to look than high jump competitions, events participated in by virtually all races and countries?  The results speak for themselves.  Seven of the ten best high jumpers of all time (based on height cleared) are white.  Only three are black. 1

A review of the Track and Field News World Rankings for this event from 1947 through 2002 also shows clear white domination.  These rankings are widely respected and cited by knowledgeable people within the track and field community.  They are created by votes from experts who base their selections on marks, honors won, and win-loss record for the season.  Although black athletes have topped the rankings in some years, the overall pattern is clear.  White men are the world’s best high jumpers.  A review of the world rankings for women (1956-2002) turns up the same pattern.  White women have been the best female high jumpers by far. 2

Nothing appears to be likely to change any time soon.  Only four black athletes are listed among the fifteen best male outdoor high jump performers for 2008.  The top four jumpers for the year are white.  Overall, ten of the fifteen are white.  (One is Brazilian.  I will leave it to others to assign him to a race.)  Finally, it is worth noting that the best American jumper in 2008 was white Texas native Dusty Jonas.  That must be an odd fact to swallow for all the Americans who believe white people are genetically deficient in jumping ability. 3

Most revealing of all are the results of Olympic high jump finals.  These are the big tests, the greatest international showdowns between the planet’s greatest human flyers.  After more than two centuries of competitions, however, only a few African Americans and one dark-skinned Cuban have ever won gold medals.  Every other winner has been white.  Furthermore, no black African athlete has ever won an Olympic high jump medal of any kind. 4

This is the one international competition that directly measures jumping ability and when the biggest prize of all, an Olympic gold medal, has been on the table, white athletes have outperformed black athletes almost every time.

1.  Jim Rorick, “World Outdoor All-Time List — Men, 2008” Track & Field News, January 13, 2009.

2.  Track & Field News World Rankings, “All-Time World Rankings — Women’s High Jump, 2002,” Track & Field News, 2002.

3.  International Association of Athletics Federations, “IAAF World List — High Jump 2008,” Feb 20, 2009.

4.  List of high jump gold medalists available on, 2009.

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12 Responses to Black Men Can’t Jump! (Say Whaa?)

  1. Faust says:

    All too true. And white European males in the US are taller than Afro-American males on average too.

    On a related note:

  2. Shotgun says:


    I hate to admit it, but it was myths like this that kept me (and most all my other white peers) terrified in government school.

    How can you stand alone against the chosen when the chosen are said to have every advantage over you? They’re (supposedly): smarter, faster, better-looking, smell better (white boys stink) and have the moral high-ground.

    When attacked or publicly humiliated, we were trained to freeze-up, to play dead, or pretend that we didn’t care about what was happening.

    That system has resulted in a nation of sack-less white cowards.

    I make it a point now to stare down negros and to a man, they all drop their eyes in shame or intimidation.

    They know when a real white man is around.

  3. Brandon says:

    I’ve never commented on here before, but I figure ought to congratulate you on your good work, Shotgun. I’m not a Protestant, but I have sympathy with kinist convictions.

    On the point you make about black superiority myths in government schools, I can relate 100%. Popular culture and mass media caused most of us “white boys” to hate ourselves and wish we were black. After all “everyone knows” blacks have bigger penises. The damage on the psyche of young, developing white males has been great.

  4. Shotgun says:

    Thanks for the kind words Brandon. You and I have to be strong role models for the boys.

    I was trying my best pick-up lines on an attractive blond at a bar, once.

    Turns out, she was in a relationship with a negro and had a few fuzzy-headed youngins.

    We got into a discussion that lasted long into the evening.

    Finally, she turned to me and said, in her best “wanna-be-negress” accent: “once you go black, you don’t go back, honey!” Then she added a few comments about the average size of black genitalia.

    I said: “Well, if it’s ok to stereotype, then negros are intellectually inferior to whites!”

    Her eyes dropped, her victorious facial expression changed and to her credit she said, “well, I see your point, I wasn’t being serious.”

  5. jon says:

    Actually, it’s “once you go black, you can’t come back.”

  6. No, it’s, “Once you go black, we don’t want you back.”


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