My Response to the Marinov and his Article on Family

The Marinov’s article:

My humble reply:

Mr. Marinov, you overlook the most significant diagnosis of your friend’s condition, preferring to treat his minor scratches instead of the arrow sticking out of his heart!

It’s hard for me to imagine a sermon on the family that doesn’t mention “purpose,” at least in passing.  It wouldn’t make sense if it didn’t.  The very words “brother” “mother” and “father” imply a purpose.  “Purpose” is an unavoidable theme, even if not always explicit.  Maybe you’re overplaying your friend’s position to make your point?

But, in doing so, you’ve managed to upset poets and passionate wordsmiths of all sort!

Is it really true that “men obsessed with relationships and emotions” are not really masculine?  Not according to Shakespeare who, speaking through Hamlet, asks: “…for in that sleep of death, what dreams may come, when we have shuffled off this mortal coil?”  Hamlet’s “purpose” drove him to suicide.  It was his passion and his feelings that saved him from it.  Was Hamlet not masculine?

No.  The abandonment of familial-strongholds in contemporary Christendom cannot be laid at the feet of passionate missionaries, poets or domineering women (who want church services to reflect their feminine tastes.)

The reason the family is disappearing — the reason there is an arrow through the heart of your missionary friend — is because people like you, Mr. Marinov, have contracted a serious disease from the Satanists who orchestrated ideological revolutions like the so-called “Enlightenment” and Renaissance — movements which culminated in a horrible spectacle: the French Revolution (where “family” was systematically deconstructed by the likes of Rousseau.)

You’re both afflicted with an egalitarian cancer and in your case, it castrates your ideal family after the first generation.

That’s right folks, Mr. Marinov will condemn emotional allegiance to (and shared “purpose” with) extended kin as a disgusting and vile heresy, unfit for Christendom.  He’s personally condemned me to Hell for holding the very views this article (if followed consistently) promotes!  (How he expects a single-tier family to “…fill the Earth and subdue it,” he never says.)

Drinking the confused theological elixir (that results from syncretist attempts to merge Politically-Correct Modernism with Christian Theism) always results in the slow death of the family.

But despite rabid egalitarian dogmatists (like you, Mr. Marinov) there are those of us antique-Europeans who haven’t forgotten our roots and who are still loyal to our God and our kith and our kin.  And like Hamlet, we will not slip quietly out of the world to avoid the enormous task ahead.  Instead, we’ll grab up our swords and cry:

“..From this time forth, our thoughts be bloody or be nothing worth!”

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2 Responses to My Response to the Marinov and his Article on Family

  1. Faust says:

    Marinov grew up under Soviet occupation, sadly he seems unable to escape cultural marxism.

  2. shotgunwildatheart says:

    I know lots of Americans who didn’t grow up under Soviet occupation, who feel the same way as Marinov (unfortunately.)

    There’s a demon that holds the minds and hearts of our brethren. I have no idea how to defeat it.


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